2023 CPRS Vancouver PRestige Awards

PRestige Awards Categories 2023, CPRS Vancouver

  • Best digital/multi-media/social media project
  • Best employee engagement or internal communications campaign
  • Best integrated communications campaign
  • Best media relations campaign (under $50,000)


Extended to May 31!


CPRS Vancouver members and non-members in the Greater Vancouver and surrounding area, are eligible for the PRestige Awards. Each campaign or project submitted must be planned, produced, and completed within a period of two years prior to the entry deadline. The entrant must have executed or directly managed the project submitted. In 2023, one prize will be awarded in each of the four categories.

Entry Fees


CPRS Members: $175 + tax

Non-members: $225 + tax

Student Members: $75 + tax

Student non-members: $95 + tax

REGULAR DEADLINE: Extended to May 31!

CPRS Members: $195 + tax

Non-Members: $295 + tax

Student Members: $100+ tax

Student non-members: $150+ tax

Entry Categories

Best Digital/Multi-Media/Social Media Project
Recognizes exemplary digital campaigns or projects that successfully engage with target audiences to create engaged communities, launch/raise awareness of products, or manage issues and/or crisis. The project uses digital, multi-media or social media to help achieve an organization’s objectives including but not limited to the use of websites, intranet sites, blogs, webcasts, online productions, videos, podcasts, discussion boards, and social media channels. The summary should include a rationale for the use of digital and social media, targeted audiences and statistics or other means of quantifiable measurement that meet stated objectives. Screen downloads of the medium being entered as well as the URL must be submitted as part of the entry.
Best Employee Engagement or Internal Communications Campaign
This category celebrates programs focused on internal audiences. The winner will have improved relationships between employees and management or its clients, by providing a better understanding of the organization’s strategic plan and/or the importance of their role within the organization. Projects may also be focused on human resources-related objectives or benefit communications.
Best Integrated Communications Campaign

Campaigns submitted to this category should demonstrate the use of cross-channel integration, e.g. digital, traditional and/or social media, to achieve an organization’s communications objectives. Submissions should include a rationale for the channels used, targeted audiences and statistics or other means of quantifiable measurement that meet the stated objectives.

Best Media Relations Campaign (under $50,000)

This category celebrates excellence in media relations on a limited to moderate budget. For consideration, media relations programs should exhibit improvement of an organization’s media profile measured against desired objectives, the adept management of issues involving media coverage, or the development of a successful media relations campaign. Eligible campaigns must have a total spend of under $50,000 CAD.

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