Wide Horizons: the 3 Things I wish I’d known about CPRS (when I first joined)

In the three years since I joined the society, CPRS has unexpectedly touched both my professional and personal life. As a new practitioner, I was awarded CPRS Vancouver’s 2016 Student Scholarship, and have met many new friends and mentors. As the fortunate draw prize winner of a couple’s getaway, I even relived my scandalous(ish) elopement in Victoria with my husband, who is also a PR pro. My heartfelt thanks once again to Harbour Air and John KaGeorge for an unforgettable weekend....more

Tips from the Trenches: Making the best of a PR education (Part Two)

Part one of this series shared some tips on what to keep in mind when choosing the right public relations education for you. With the start of term upon us, this installment suggests six best practices for maximising your investment into your public relations education....more

Tips from the Trenches: Making the best of a PR education

As a fairly recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Public Relations Certificate Program, I am occasionally asked to speak to prospective students who are looking to connect with a graduate -- and ideally, someone still working in the field....more