Strategic Communications: Prepare your next event with a Run of Show

As a Communications professional, your role in events typically goes beyond “simple” day-of execution – though it will likely include that. When planning an event it’s critical to use a strategic approach, much in the same way you would any other project or task....more

Recap of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility: working in a world where PR and CSR meet

When your organization deals in alcohol, marijuana, or gambling, communications and corporate social responsibility are bound to collide. And it’s not just about reputation. From substance use to gambling, the government-owned enterprises that oversee these activities in British Columbia share a dual responsibility to both promote their product and the public best interest....more

Communications Frameworks for Traveling with your One-Year-Old

Despite being a sensible communications professional by day, this summer I decided to take my one-year-old on a nine-hour flight to Europe. Rather than just relay a chilling account of our family’s harrowing experience, I’d like to impart the communications lessons that emerged. This will help you understand and strategically plan your communications... or your own travels with a baby....more

PR Practitioner Profile: Regan Lal, APR

Part of the CPRS Vancouver Chapter Board for five years, Regan Lal also served as its president from 2014-2015. From agency, to government and non-profit, Regan brings 15 years of communications experience — and a recent APR designation — to her current role managing communications at Douglas College....more

5 Reasons your organization should have a blog

In today’s communications landscape there is a seemingly endless array of tactics to choose from — but not every option is worth the investment. Whether something is right for you depends entirely on your goals, financial resources and the time you’re able to commit to getting it right....more