6 Social Tools for Communicating in Our New Era

Have you noticed our collective world seems to be all about convenience, time, and social media? Based on this, I want to share a few social tech tools for efficiently communicating in our new digital era.

1. Headline Analyzer from the Advanced Marketing Institute: Need help writing psychologically powered headlines that compel people to read—and buy—from you? Business communicators and sales professionals understand that buying a product, service, or idea, is based on emotions. That’s where this simple tool comes into play. AMI explains the “emotional marketing value (EMV) of a headline” on its website: “We have developed a software program which has access to our EMV impact words. The program uses special algorithms to quickly compare the words of your headline with the words from the EMV Impact list.” What’s the importance of a high EMV rating? “The key to communication is being able to reach the client at an emotional level. Involving them in your copy, and invoking their deeper thoughts,” states the AMI site. “While many marketers ‘guess’ how people will react to various words and offers, we have determined a test which will give you an actual rating that you can use to judge how well-received your copy will be to others.”

2. Recitethis.com allows users to insert their own verbiage, quote, or phrase to create a personalized graphic in mere seconds. Users also have the option of pulling a quotation from the site’s library. “Turn a quote into a masterpiece” is the site’s mantra. 

3. Bottlenose.com -  “We analyze and map the world’s attention in real-time. It’s live, visual, interactive and seriously smart.” That’s the homepage message from Bottlenose.com, a monitoring and analytics tool that’s been in beta for a while. Tech reporters say this newbie can give Google a run for its money. The $1 million in new seed funding should help. Christina Farr writes on Venturebeat.com: “Bottlenose infuses social elements into your search ‘stream’ — a term the company uses to refer to the sea of status updates and news. Search for a term on the website, and Bottlenose will surface what the world thinks, organized by relevance to you. Social search is Google’s greatest weakness…” This is a new, real-time dimension into who is paying attention to your company, brand, marketing campaigns, and competitors

4. Poll Everywhere - This has been around for a while, but not many communicators or speakers know about it, and use it. Poll Everywhere is an audience response tool that allows users to “gather live responses in any venue: conferences, presentations, classrooms, radio, TV, print — anywhere. And because it works internationally with texting, web, or Twitter, its simplicity and flexibility are earning reviews,” according to its website.

5. Prezi.com seems to be the successor to PowerPoint. With complaints about boring bullet points and excessive text, many communicators—myself included—are turning to Prezi. The tag line, “Make your presentations zoom,” helps us understand how this cloud-based software works. The analogy the company website uses is that the main point of your topic is in a graphic or image form, similar to the outside of a house. With each click and zoom, the topic is broken down into detail, or the rooms of the house.

6. Awesome Screenshot prides itself on capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots. “Capture the whole page or any portion; annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, one-click upload to share.” This can spice up your presentations, marketing materials, web pages, tutorials, and more.



Susan Young is a Social Media, News, PR & Communication Professional for Get in Front Communications, Inc.