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Paul PachecoI caught up with Raul Pacheco of fame, a blog which focuses on travel, food, arts, culture, fashion and entertainment.

Not only is Raul a prolific blogger, but he’s a well-known Vancouver-based socialite and holds essentially two other full-time jobs. His hectic schedule makes ‘hummingbird’ an apt pseudonym; read on to see how he achieves so much in the same 24/7 timeframe as everyone else…

What do you love most about your job?

This is kind of a trick question. While I am a consultant (a full time job in itself) and an educator at the university (another full time job), I maintain a pretty visible social media presence (which requires such attention that I end up working another full time job).

So, in reality I have pretty much three jobs (though only the consulting and teaching are paid!). I consider myself first and foremost an academic though, and what I love the most about my job, is probably the teaching (I love research, but being able to impart knowledge and educate and shape individuals is just amazing).  

Are you a full time or part time blogger?

Again, a trick question: I think if anybody wanted to maintain the kind of social media presence I keep, they'd need to be a full time blogger. But because of my professional activity (academic and consulting) I can't be a full time blogger (but if someone wanted to pay me to do so, I might consider it! Just kidding - I prefer this part time).

The reality is I produce enough content on my blog and social media properties to warrant being called a full time blogger, but in reality I do it in my non-existent spare time.

What do you look for in a story?

I write about all sorts of stuff, but usually I prefer stories that have some sort of unique angle. I love to write about the underprivileged, the unique. I don't like to do what everybody else does. If you read my blog, it's pretty much about unique, innovative projects.

What’s your biggest bug bare when working with PRs?

I have way too many but two of the ones that I hate the most are (1) when PR companies send me non-targeted press releases and (2) when they assign their main job to interns. Seriously: people, read my ‘Pitch Me’ page before pitching me! It's pretty clear.

What’s your average day like? 

I am not sure I have an average day, but usually:

4:45am: Wake up, write, answer emails, write blog posts, schedule tweets and posts

6:00am: Go to the gym

7:30am: Shower, breakfast

8:00am: Head to the university (or my office)

- Research

- Prepare lectures

- Work on client projects

- Meet with students

5:00pm: Head out to events, theatre shows, etc.

- Sometimes, have work meetings in between

10:00pm: Work until about midnight, although most of the time I like to sleep early.

What’s your favourite social network and why?

I like them all, although I have to say I'm most successful (or at least I have most engagement) on my blog and on Twitter. I'm starting to grow my Instagram and Pinterest quite rapidly though. 

What coffee shop are you most likely to be found in?

I have a desk at The Network Hub (on both of their downtown and New Westminster campuses) so I really don't need to go to coffee shops, but I prefer indie shops (e.g. local) rather than chains. You'll very rarely see me at Starbucks, but more at JJ Beans, Waves or the local shops.  

What’s your personal career ambition?

I'm pretty happy being an academic, and I think that's what I want to be known and respected for (and I think in general I am). But I guess my personal career ambition is to make sure that I am equally successful as a professor as I am as a blogger.