Journalist profile: Kate Brown

Kate Brown 2Kate is the Editor for, does editorial work for several independent fashion brands, has written for Fashionotes, and also works on the editorial team at Hearty Magazine. Her photos have also appeared on Vice online. She’s passionate about fashion and photography, and values content above anything else. Read on to learn how to grab her attention.

What do you love most about your job?

As a writer and photographer, the best thing about my job is capturing the stories of a community and its people in word and image.  

When is the best time to pitch to you?

Content is much more important than timing could ever be. In my opinion, the best kind of pitches should be personalized and creative. Deviating from a typical format while ensuring all the vital information is there makes for a more persuasive pitch. Information is essential, but if it's delivered in an interesting way with at least one strong point of interest, it makes it more enticing and I can visualize story potentials immediately.

What do you look for in a story?

Product pitches and events are always good to have, because they can readily fit into an editorial calendar. Still, just because it's new doesn't mean that it's unique; it's really important to find something that makes a product different. However, I think that real stories lie in interview opportunities. Talking about the people behind a company or product make it personalized and interesting, and readers gravitate towards the Q&A format.

Also, never underestimate the power of fun lists: "top tens", "5 must-haves", or "20 things you didn't know about..." grab my attention as a reader, are fun to work with as a writer, and are very effective with any type of audience, as nowadays people tend to skim through the web so quickly.

What’s your biggest bug bare when working with PRs?

In my experience, it becomes frustrating when content is clearly promotional with no interesting angles, delivered continually in the exact same format.

What’s your average day like?

I am most productive in the morning! Emails, stories, and social media work tends to happen all before noon, and longer term projects tend to be allotted for the afternoon hours.

What’s your favourite social network and why?

It's tough to say, I believe they all serve different purposes. Twitter and Facebook are apples and oranges – similar but tough to compare. Twitter is great for growing a readership, disseminating news bites and quick information. But Facebook tends to render more hits on the website and a more dedicated following. Ultimately, Hootsuite has made using all social media networks so streamlined, I'm inclined to say that it's my favourite tool when it comes to social networking.

What coffee shop are you most likely to be found in?

The new 49th Parallel on Main Street. Have you had their donuts? They are problematically addictive.

What’s your personal career ambition?

I have a few, but I'd love to work with strictly print one day. If The New Yorker called me tomorrow, I'd be on the next flight.