PR Profile: Angela St-Amour from Avigilon

Angela StName: Angela St-Amour

Job title: Communications Manager

Company you work for:  Avigilon

Career background: The original plan was to enter politics. After completing my political science degree in Ottawa, working on Federal campaigns and an internship in the Senate I realized that this wasn’t my path. I decided to sharpen my pencils and go back to school. After obtaining my post-graduate certificate in public relations from Humber College I was lucky enough to get an internship with High Road Communications’ Vancouver office. There I got the chance to build my PR muscles working with dynamic startups and amazing technology brands, including Microsoft, HP and LG.

After a few years I went to PMC and tried internal and change communications. After having fun with acquisitions, a new CEO and meeting a lot of great people in Vancouver and Silicon Valley, I joined Avigilon as the communications manager. I’m very fortunate to oversee the external, internal and community relations programs at such a dynamic company. 

Greatest career challenge: Early morning meetings. I’m not what you would call a morning person.

Greatest career success: Loving what I do. While not every day is perfect or even enjoyable, on the whole I really enjoy the career I’ve chosen and I think that’s hard to find.

Biggest career mistake or regret: Not figuring out my career sooner.

Favourite PR/communications campaign: Bodyform’s ‘apology’ video response to a rant on their Facebook wall. I love when risks pay off for brands. 

PR role model: I have a few, Monika Rola, Jo-Anne Stayner, Kellie Mullen, Luca Penati, and I could go on. My role models are all people that have taught me about the PR professional I aspire to be. They are smart people; they command a room, have brilliant ideas, measure, get incredible results and are well regarded by their peers. I’m lucky to have worked with so many people that are smarter than I am.

Best career advice: The best advice I received in PR was to trust my instincts. Another piece of advice I love to share came from a high school teacher: you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them in proportion.

Best place to ‘do coffee’ in Vancouver: Who am I kidding? I’m up for coffee anywhere! JJ Bean, Starbucks, Caffe Artigiano, Lucky’s, you name it I’m there. The way to my heart is through caffeine with a splash of soy milk.

Favourite journalist to pitch to: Security press are some of the nicest folks out there. They are always willing to chat, listen and help. Any time I get to call them with a story idea or news I look forward to it.

Favourite social media site: While I love Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, Pinterest has my heart. 

Fun fact about you: I’m a very efficient packer. I once traveled through Asia for two weeks with a seven-pound backpack. When traveling for work you’ll see me with no more than a carry-on.