PR Profile: Jenny Duncan from Laura Ballance Media Group

Jenny DuncanName: Jenny Duncan

Job title: Media Relations Manager

Company you work for:  Laura Ballance Media Group

Career background: I worked at a not-for-profit and had the opportunity to work in a variety of different roles including communications. I realized that’s what I wanted to work at full-time.

Career aspirations: I want to continue working in communications and at some point I’d like to work in the not-for-profit sector again or for an NGO involved with community, health or sport.

Greatest career challenge: My guess is it is probably still to come!

Greatest career success: Transitioning from Coordinator to Manager at Laura Ballance Media Group in less than a year. 

Biggest career mistake or regret: I wish I’d understood more about communications and PR earlier on, because I loved writing and English at University, but didn’t realize how integral these skills were to communications. It took me a few years after University to realize that PR was the right career path for me.

Favorite PR/communications campaign: City of Richmond’s Ships to Shore and Maritime Festival. Over the past two years we’ve worked with the City of Richmond on different media events, including live broadcasts from the boat used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie with hosts dressed like 17th century pirates and more recently on a news conference that focused on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and garnered international media attention for the research done by a team aboard the research vessel Kaisei.

PR role model: Fawn Mulcahy. I sometimes feel like she has 28 hours in the day instead of 24, or maybe she is superwoman because she’s always positive, yet always on the go. She has incredible advice and has worked in so many facets of PR that she always has great perspective.

Also, Laura Ballance is a pretty fantastic example of how to do media relations well. I have yet to meet a reporter who doesn’t think she is one of the best at PR in town.

Best career advice: Someone told me all I needed to do was get my foot in the door at a PR agency, then work hard, have a good attitude and it would pay off. It was good advice and definitely proved true.

Best place to ‘do coffee’ in Vancouver: Smart Mouth Café in Gastown.  It’s got a little bit of attitude, good coffee and places to hide in the corner or sit outside on a nice day.

Favourite journalist to pitch to: John Scott from CTV BC Noon News always has witty remarks when I send him pitches so I usually smile when I get an email or call from him.

Favourite website: is a great place to spend 5 minutes in a day, learn a lot (and a few zany tidbits) as well as very relevant up-to-date social content.

Favourite social media site: Twitter for news and instagram for wasting endless amounts of time making photos different colours but ohh so pretty.

Fun fact about you: The Fair at the PNE and Playland is one of my clients but I’m terrified of rides!