Profile: Jennifer Bach, TELUS International

Jenniferbach 2012This week, I caught up with Jennifer Bach, Marketing Manager for TELUS International, to find out about her career, her aspirations (which are very inspiring!) and her 'coffee snobbery'. Read on to hear what Jennifer had to say...

Career background: My marketing career began during those fast-paced (and crazy!) “Dot-com days” when I got my first “real” job before I even graduated from SFU. Addicted to high-tech marketing and PR, I continued to work for various smaller software companies focused on B2B. I gained plenty of experience in these start-up companies before deciding it was time to work somewhere bigger. 

I then joined Creo/Kodak as a Global Product Communications Manager for five years before finding my new home at TELUS International - a subsidiary of TELUS that's focused on global contact center outsourcing solutions.   

Career aspirations: Now that my kids are getting older(ish), I’m looking to take on larger roles that really give back. I’m currently looking at mentoring high-school students as they make decisions to major in business. I’m also interested in joining a board to share my marketing knowledge. I also love writing (having done lots of ghost writing throughout my career) – so I’m hoping to get something published under my own name! 

Greatest career challenge: When working in large teams it can be a challenge to keep things moving. I feel good when I get stuff done – knowing that perfection is not always an option; sometimes it’s hard to get every bit of information you need to make decisions; and sometimes you just need to do things to see what works.

I like to live by a quote from Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest Airlines, when he said, “We have a ‘strategic plan.’ It’s called doing things.” 

Greatest career success: My career has let me travel to some amazing places and meet some amazing people. In addition to working and living up north in the Yukon (loved northern living!), I’ve been able to travel all over Europe, Australia and the Philippines.

Most recently I was recognized in the TELUS President’s Club (2011), which included a trip to Nevis in the West Indies. This recognition is reserved for a small group of top sales / sales support performers at TELUS. As a hard-core marketing person, I was honored to be included in this distinguished group.

Biggest career mistake or regret: No time for regrets - and mistakes are an opportunity to learn!  There’s usually a lot of “tuition value” in every mistake and/or failure. I often look back and wish I could have learned another language or learned how to sew or learned how to drive a standard. But then I think about all the things I have done and that it’s never too late.

Marketing role model: As a marketing professional, my role models lean towards the marketing/creative side. I love the advice of George Lois – an advertising and graphic designer legend. His latest book – Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!) is full of ideas to live by both personally and professionally. 

Best career advice: Find someone you absolutely love to work for and learn from them. If that’s not possible at the time, find yourself a mentor (or two). 

Best place to ‘do coffee’ in Vancouver: I consider myself a coffee snob, having bought an expensive espresso machine for home use and only buying certain beans to this day. That said I love Caffe Artigiano. Not only is the coffee amazing (Americano to be exact) but it’s also art when you see the leaf design in the frothy crema. Yum!

Favourite website: For work/professional development, I love the Harvard Business Review blog site.  This site is great for big ideas with lots of active commenting on the articles. The comments are where you get some really interesting points of view. For fun, I Iove YouTube – so many great videos clips to make you laugh, cry and waste your time!

Favourite social media site: I’m a LinkedIn junkie and can often be found doing LinkedIn training sessions or providing advice on people’s LinkedIn profiles. I love the fact that it’s a professional business network. It’s a great tool (often under-utilized) to build your own professional brand. It’s also a great driver of web traffic for B2B sites.

Fun fact about you: My husband and I (with kids in tow) love to hunt down food trucks or find restaurants featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-in and Dives – even if that means flying all the way to Los Angeles to try the bacon donut!