PR Profile: Tanis Fritz Tsisserev


Name:  Tanis Fritz Tsisserev

Job title: Principal

Company you work for: T2 Communications Inc.

Career background:  

I was introduced to PR through a co-op work term at the University of Victoria, where I studied theatre.  Instantly smitten, I switched gears, enrolled in BCIT's marketing communications program and devoted my weekends to volunteering in the PR department at the Fairmont Waterfront. Countless volunteer hours, including an internship at CTV News, and information interviews laid the ground work for a career in communications that has spanned over 15 years. I have worked client side for Fairmont and Metropolitan hotels, hosted royalty, former presidents, even Iron Chefs, and served as VP for High View Communications, but nothing tops the professional satisfaction of running my own business at T2 Communications Inc., which I launched in 2001.

Greatest career success:

I am very proud of the cookbook I conceived, and co-authored with long-time clients and friends, Antonio and Patrick Corsi: Mangia with Quattro: Family-style Italian from the Heart (Whitecap Books 2009).

Biggest career mistake or regret:

Not working internationally with Fairmont Hotels when I had the chance.  I still can't believe I turned down the opportunity to work in Bermuda and be so close to New York.

Favourite PR/communications campaign:

Few media moments demonstrate the power of the photo opp like the this one.  Who can forget seeing Pope John Paul II sporting Bono's rock-star shades? The image shot around the world with a plea from the pontiff for other world leaders to join the UK in dropping a developing world debt. As Bono wisely commented afterwards: 'People have a short attention span; you need a picture of a pop star and a pope together - that usually gets their attention.'

PR role model:

PR powerhouse, Deirdre Campbell, has been an influence on me since day one.  I literally had an "ask Deirdre" file and weekly call with her during the early days.  I admire her integrity and tenacity. She is behind many creative campaigns that have helped put BC tourism on the map, such as theBC Sustainable Tourism Collective.

Best career advice:

Do your most dreaded daily task first. 

Best place to ‘do coffee’ in Vancouver: 

Hands down Milano Espresso Lounge in Gastown, where I take a long espresso or experiment with a tasting flight of three, either way I usually indulge in a decedent bakery treat alongside my coffee. Milano's La Futura espresso blend recently won the gold medal in Italy's International Coffee Tasting Competition. 

Favourite journalist to pitch to:

Anyone who is receptive and sees the journalist / PR professional relationship as a win-win; I always enjoy reaching out to Malcolm Parry.

Favourite website:

I can while away my leisure time on,,, and; locally I love

Favourite social media site: 

Facebook personally, HootSuite professionally.

Fun fact about you:

Originally I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer and spent my formative years at the barre before pursuing a BFA at University of Victoria. Although I didn't make a career on stage the 3D's of Dance: dedication, determination and drive serve me well to this day.