Consulting Basics for Professionals Q & A

Boldt HeadshotCPRS Vancouver connected with Lesli Boldt from Boldt Communications to find out more about her current seminar series. Here's what she said:

Q: What is Consulting Basics for Professionals?

A: It’s a three-part seminar series this fall – with sessions in September, October and November, respectively – that covers the basics for anyone considering starting their own consulting business. It’s perfect for communications consultants but is a good fit for any professional interested in striking out on their own, who doesn’t know quite where to start.
Q: What motivated you to create this seminar series? 
A: I came up with the idea for the series earlier this year, when I was having dinner with a couple of my oldest friends. Both working mothers, they were sharing stories about friends who were trying to re-enter the workforce after a few years at home with their kids. 
However, because these parents only wanted to work part time, they were settling for jobs they didn’t love – like working at Starbucks – instead of looking for work in their chosen fields. The injustice of this situation really hit home for me. Why shouldn’t they be able to do work – as consultants – in their chosen fields? And an idea for a seminar series was born. 
Q: Who is Consulting Basics for Professionals for?
A: The series isn’t just for parents returning to the workforce – it’s for anyone who wants to start consulting but doesn’t know where to start. This includes graduate students having trouble finding full-time work in their fields, and mid-career professionals considering a move to consulting. 
Our informal survey of employers suggests that many local mid-sized businesses would love the option of hiring consultants on contract instead of full-time staff, particularly when they only need these professional services from time to time. Fields like human resources management, research and business strategy, accounting and bookkeeping, event planning, communications and marketing, and even administrative services are all great fields for consulting.
I know how hard it was for me to figure out how the heck to run a business. I want to pass along what I’ve learned – with some help from my associates and colleagues in the business world.
Q: Tell us more about the sessions you’re offering.
A: We’re offering three sessions in this series – participants can sign up for one session, or all three
Is Consulting Right for You (September 30) will go over the pros and cons of consulting (there are plenty of both), to help would-be consultants figure out whether it will work for them. 
Setting Up Your Consulting Business (October 28) – led by small business management consultant Hillary Samson – covers the business basics for those who already know that consulting is right for them. 
Our Panel Discussion (November 18) will feature successful Metro Vancouver consultants and business owners who will share their stories about making the leap from salaried work to business, and answer questions from the audience. 
As an added bonus, the sessions are being catered with food from Boldt client Terra Breads. Yumm.
Q: Who are your guest entrepreneurs for this series?
We’ve got a dream lineup for the series:
  • Marnie Goldenberg, writer and founder, Sexplainer
  • Sheila Evani, Principal and Founder, Medha Legal Services
  • Wendy Underwood, principal, Principal, Fever Pitch Marketing Communications
  • Nancy Spooner, Communications Consultant and Owner, Nancy Spooner Consulting Inc.
  • Bob Kronbauer, Publisher, Vancouver is Awesome and President and Founder, Canada is Awesome
  • Denise Taschereau, Chief Executive Officer, Fairware
  • Ted Lau, Chief Executive Officer, Ballistic Arts
For more information, visit Boldt Communications or call Lesli Boldt at 604-662-3500.