CPRS Interviews Youth Founders about a New Kind of Conference for Small Business

Photo For Omg ConfWe sat down with co-founders Salina Siu and Lesley Yuen to learn more about OMG Social Media Conference. Here's what they had to say:

Q: What is OMG Social Media Conference? 
A: A small business conference founded by a team of Simon Fraser University students to provide the opportunity for small business owners to develop a social media strategy - in one day. On August 15, 2013, the conference’s main sessions will be led and taught by industry experts and professional educators in workshop style while other sessions will be filled with discussion. It will be a full day packed with learning, collaborating and strategizing with over 100 attendees from the Lower Mainland.

Q: Why does Vancouver need another marketing conference?

A: After attending various social media conferences and events around Vancouver, we realized they all had something missing... lack of tangible takeaways which could be implemented right away. Secondly, we noticed a lack of discussion and collaboration. We saw an opportunity to create a new kind of conference, so we created our vision and went for it!

Our idea is to simplify social media for small business owners because they are the ones who need the most help. Usually, entrepreneurs understand their industry but don’t have a background in marketing. This makes it quite difficult for them to gain exposure and compete in their industry landscape.

Plus, they're so busy trying to manage all the other aspects of their business they don't have time to learn about continually changing social media and marketing! Speakers will walk them through the concepts and then give them time to relate it back to their business in the OMG Social Media Workbook. Not only that, other sessions will include a lot of discussion and collaboration to help them come up with the best-practices for their industry.

We want to support local entrepreneurs and provide them with the basic social media tools and knowledge they need to put together a social media strategy. This is why we’ve structured our conference to focus on tangible takeaways and delivering specific content – providing only information they need to know.

Q: Who is OMG Social Media Conference for?

A: OMG Social Media Conference is for entrepreneurs, business managers, marketing coordinators - anyone who wants to learn how to construct an effective social media strategy in just one day. Including mom and pop shops, merchants, independently owned fitness centers, spas, salons, restaurants, entrepreneurs working individually and more are invited to attend!

  • You're an entrepreneur without enough time to learn about social media but know you should
  • You're a small business owner outsourcing their social media, but not entirely sure if they're actually doing a good job
  • You believe you could be doing a lot more in your online marketing strategy
  • You know your competitors are using social media marketing more effectively than you
  • You're managing the marketing for a company but feel that a more effective strategy is needed

Q: Who is speaking at the conference?

A: We have an awesome lineup... check it out: 

Keynote Speakers:

George Moen, Successful entrepreneur and Past President of Blenz Coffee

Andrea Goertz, SVP, Strategic Initiatives, Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer at TELUS

Krishna Lakkineni, CEO of ROI Media Works and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012


 Featured Speakers:

How to set your goals and interpret the analytics: Conner Galway, Director of Junction Creative and Digital Strategy Teacher at Capilano University

Build your online community and find the right influencers to connect with: Meena Sandhu, Marketing Manager at ING DIRECT, Director of Social Media for BCAMA and Owner of GetFresh Marketing and Design

Develop a content strategy that works for you: Bosco Anthony, Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Business Growth Strategist


Social Media Experts:

SEO & Keyword Marketing: More Traffic, More Business - Analyze, Optimize, Repeat: Dennis Pang, CEO at Popcorn, CEO at Motive8 Media and past instructor at Capilano University

 Building Your Brand Advocates: Listening, Engaging & Creating Your Brand Presence Using HootSuite:Stephanie Wiriahardja, HootSuite Community Manager and Creative Director at Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran

Handling Negative Feedback: What to do when the crowd turns: Nicole van Zanten, Social Media Coordinator at Canucks Sports & Entertainment

Lead Generation: Turning your marketing strategy into dollars: Cijaye DePradine, Author, Keynote Speaker and Inbound Digital Marketing Strategist of 15 years

Digital Storytelling: How to get your message across effectively: Nick Routley, Partner and Creative Strategist at Popcorn

Online Advertising: How to amplify the reach of your social media content through paid promotion: Ryan Whyte, Digital Advertising Director at Junction CS

Taking Social Media Offline: Going beyond an online strategy: Megan Rendell and Cassandra Murphy, Community Managers at Village&Co.

Q: Why is it called OMG Social Media Conference?

A: OMG is a name that plays on the online acronyms that have become social norms in our lives but it's actually short for Online Media Generation. This generation has been lucky enough to have grown up during the social media revolution and interact on social media platforms on a daily basis. As we can see around us, social media is quickly becoming a major business function beyond sales and marketing, similarly to customer service, product development and human resources. We see how critical is it for small business owners to understand social media so we want the Online Media Generation to share their knowledge on social media and make everyone part of the Online Media Generation.

For more information on the conference, and how to attend, visit omgsocialmedia.ca.