Defining Public Relations

I thought you, my PR peers, might appreciate this.

My eldest Kate, five years old, asked what I do for a living. I told her I'm a Public Relations consultant. 
"What's that?” she asks.
I'm thinking to myself, now is not the time to cite Flynn, Gregory and Valin (2008) with the official Canadian Public Relations Society definition. Instead, I tell her I help one group of people to understand a second group of people; and then help the second group understand the first group.
She whispers in my ear, "Daddy, you are 'uniting' people; 'uniting' is the word for what you do."
I am amazed that I'm being schooled by my daughter in kindergarten.
Having just answered a midterm exam question on PR definitions for my Masters of Communication Management program at McMasters University and Syracuse University, I wish I had incorporated her idea that public relations is the process of uniting people around an idea. Not a bad start for a grad student, let alone a five year old.

Victor Vrsnik is Principal, Spire PR