How the 24/7 nature of social media affects the life and work of PR professionals

Continuing Studies at Simon Fraser University has been running a successful public relations certificate program since 2010.  Currently they are also undertaking a research project that explores the 24/7 aspect of social media and how it affects the life and work of PR professionals.  

How are Lower Mainland companies managing the constant monitoring that social media demands - is this contracted out? Are PR practitioners on call more than ever? Is it handled outside of the PR department?

Please consider helping your industry by completing the survey.

A copy of the final report, about PR-social media work trends here, can be sent to those who participate.

"Social media is becoming an increasingly vital and ubiquitous part of the practice of public relations," says Peter Walton, Director of the PR program at SFU. "We thought it was time to step back and measure what that means to people in the profession."

Having conducted a thorough literature review on social media in the PR sector, Walton and his research assistants found there was very little published on the subject of how new and social media consumed a practitioner's time. 

"We believe this survey will offer insight into practitioner burnout," says Walton, "as well as have implications for changes needed in organizational structure around PR and social media."