PR Profile: Ashley Basran of Immedia PR

Ashley BasranName: Ashley Basran               

Job title: PR Assistant

Company you work for: Immedia PR

Career background: I worked in the retail industry for five years and learned a tremendous amount about customer relations and excellent customer service. However, my most enjoyable work experience was when I had the opportunity to pursue a practicum with Immedia PR, which later became my first official PR job!

Career aspirations: Although I’ve just begun my PR career, I’ve always set big goals for myself. I want to always ensure that I love what I do and try to be my best at it. With hard work and determination, I plan to pay my dues and climb the corporate ladder until I successfully reach the top.

Greatest career challenge: With being a recent PR graduate and starting my new job, there has and will be so much for me to learn. I’ve realized that how much one learns on the job is something that university can’t teach. I’m continuously learning and at times I have to remind myself that I’m going to make mistakes, which I will have to learn from.

Greatest career success:  My greatest career success was being hired on with Immedia PR after successfully completing my practicum. It was a true example of how hard work really does pay off. Now, I have the opportunity to grow as a professional in the industry that I am so passionate about.

Biggest career mistake or regret: I look at a mistake or a regret as a learning process and as an opportunity to grow as a better person. Everyone makes mistakes and I certainly do, but what’s important is what I learn from them, and how I can improve myself.

Favourite PR/communications campaign: I think that the F Cancer movement is so honest, edgy and educational and that Yael Cohen is a genius.

PR role model: While I attended Kwantlen University, I was surrounded with amazing PR professionals that I look up to and seek advice from. Also, my co-workers are amazingly talented and I definitely aspire to be like them one day.

Best career advice: “Follow your Dreams. Or you’ll spend the rest of your life working for someone who did.” -Unknown

Best place to ‘do coffee’ in Vancouver: Alright. I’ll admit it. I’m a Starbucks fanatic. A chai tea latte paired with a butter croissant, always helps to get my mornings started. I’m happy to do coffee at any Starbucks location, as I don’t have a specific favourite.

Favourite website: I always like to catch up with the latest news on Vancity Buzz. It really is a one-shop stop for all news and entertainment.

Favourite social media site: Definitely Instagram and Twitter. I have an unhealthy obsession with both.

Fun fact about you: I’m a black belt in goju-ryu karate!  

Ashley began her role at Immedia PR in April of 2013.