PR Profile: Beth Boyle of Talk Shop Media

Beth BoyleName: Beth Boyle

Job title: Co-founder and Principal

Company: Talk Shop Media

Career background: I was working in marketing for a development firm when I received the opportunity to launch into PR. I started my PR career working for one of Canada’s Top 100 Companies in Vancouver BC, where I was responsible for setting up an in-house PR structure and developing relationships with New York media, as well as media in other parts of Canada and the US.  From there, I moved on to work with an events planning company where I worked on international accounts. In 2007, I broke off to start my own business and have since then become a partner behind one of BC’s top 10 PR agencies in Vancouver.

Career aspirations: Being part of the corporate world for decades now, my current goals and aspirations are to give back to matters that are close to the heart. I aim to use my skills and passion to help drive awareness around various areas that I’m passionate about such as children’s welfare, affordable housing solutions for women and environmental issues. 

Greatest career challenge: The leap. I’m a creature of habit and enjoy having a proverbial security blanket, so when the opportunity to start my own business came knocking, I struggled with the decision.  For me, taking a risk to be an independent contractor was an idea that was uncomfortable for me. However, I would do it all over again as I’ve learned so much more about myself than I could have dreamed of. I’ve heard that we grow the most from uncomfortable situations; I have to agree.

Greatest career success: I’ve never felt prouder than when my boutique PR firm merged with another agency. No other agency in Vancouver had ever done this sort of merger before and instantly we knew we did something great. After the growth came incredible responsibility but at the same time, great success. 

Biggest career mistake or regret: The word regret isn’t in my vocabulary. Any mistakes I’ve made or will make are opportunities to learn and grow.  It’s how I live today, in this moment that matters the most to me.

Favourite PR/communications campaign: It’s not just about getting the message out there, it’s about the strategy behind it. I’m a fan of campaigns that not only think outside of the box, but that use multiple channels to deliver their message. I particularly love experiential stunts. Of course water holograms such as the Disney characters projected onto Dover cliffs, or 2013 Nissan Altima launch. We’ve also had some great local campaigns such as Tourism BC’s 100 BC Moments stunt.

PR role model: My role models in PR are those working tirelessly behind the scenes of non-profits. These individuals truly have a passion for what they’re doing and give selflessly to their jobs. It’s inspiring to see a PR professional use their skills for great causes. 

Best career advice: Do what you love. No matter what type of career you’re in, find something you love and stick with it. You’ll find more balance this way.

Best place to ‘do coffee’ in Vancouver: I love Blaq Sheep in Dunbar. Such a cool vibe and great coffee.  Plus, you can always find parking.  

Favourite journalist to pitch to: I take the time to build relationships with all journalists, so naturally, aside from enjoying them as a person, I enjoy pitching them as well. I enjoy pitching journalists who treat me with respect. I’ve done the research to ensure I’m sending them something that aligns with their beat and is timely - it’s nice to receive a response, even if it’s just to say the story doesn’t work.

Most visited website:     

Most used social media site: Instagram

Fun fact about you: I can say “hello” in 19 languages and have a goal that one day, I will set foot on every continent in the world.