PR Profile: Mat Loup

 Mat LouoName: Mat Loup

Job title: Senior Writer

Company you work for: Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)

Career background: Predominantly journalism (15 years at The Sunday Times in London, a short spell at the Georgia Straight and various freelance gigs) before turning to the “dark side” four years ago.

Career aspirations: Given the current economic climate, still being gainfully employed at the end of 2013 would be good. Beyond that: to keep writing, editing and learning. 

Greatest career challenge: Staying abreast of the information tidal wave and quickly mastering new tools, tech and apps so that I don’t reveal my age.

Greatest career success: My least favourite interview question. Let’s just say I’ve done some seriously good things wherever I’ve worked.

Favourite PR/communications campaign: Close to home, the CTC did a great job last year around its 35 Million Directors project, ending with a fantastic video of Canada, made by Canadians. You’ve got to love that. Anything that makes me laugh, really, such as Old Spice or the spoof BP Twitter account.

PR role model: Lionel Messi. All about the game, not about the image and the money.

Best career advice: Mr Comma is your friend.

Best place to ‘do coffee’ in Vancouver:  I’m a tea drinker—well, I do come from ye olde London—so my mind boggles at what people in Vancouver are prepared to pay for coffee. Second Cup is pretty good at putting a tea bag in hot water and not charging me a fortune.

Favourite journalist/blogger in the city: Lucy Hyslop. She’s an amazing all-rounder who can create fabulous stories from the thinnest material.

Favourite website: The Guardian or the BBC. Old-school names, but truly wonderful, thought-provoking content and ideas.

Favourite social media site: If social network, then Twitter. I also find Michael Brito’s Britopian blog consistently informative. I’d like time to play around with Snapchat a bit more, too.

Fun fact about you: Oh…this is a bit open-ended. I can’t breathe fire, do magic tricks or build boats in my spare time, but I can cook a fantastic full English. Will that do?