PR Profile: Maureen Cameron

MaureencameronName: Maureen Cameron

Job title: Director, Membership, Volunteers & Public Affairs

Company you work for: Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch

Career background:  

- Freelancer/PR Consultant

- Molson Breweries – Manager of Public Affairs, Western Canada

- U.TV – Promotion Director

- PJS Communications/Palmer Jarvis – Account Executive

- CKNW Radio – Promotions Manager

Career aspirations:

Keep moving. Someone from a different generation once told me that no one will hire a leap-frog and that if you don’t stay with a company more than five years at a time, that you would not seem reliable. That might have inspired me to do just the opposite. Today’s world moves in seconds, not years. I love what I do, and I have no immediate plans to leave but I also know that I have many more challenges ahead of me. My interests are vast and I get excited thinking about what sector I might explore next. In house? Agency? Media? Corporate? Who knows. In the meantime, I am thirsty for all-things legal and I love representing the amazing lawyers who dedicate so much of their time to advocating for access to justice here in BC.

Greatest career challenge:

I hope I haven’t found it yet!  Every role I have ever had has had it’s own unique challenges and rewards.  Sometimes it’s the client themselves that are the challenge and other times it’s fulfilling the desired outcomes.  Regardless I think those challenges are what I love most about PR. There has never been a dull day nor project. Balancing those ever-changing hours & moving targets with family can be a juggle but I think I enjoy living on the brink of chaos so no complaints from me!

Greatest career success:

I have had the great fortune of changing jobs, projects and industries so again I find it hard to pinpoint just one success. There have been big national campaigns I have worked on that I’m proud to say have even won awards (ie The Rant with Molson Canadian) but the sweeter successes have been the ‘small’ wins for a client just trying to maintain their solid reputation and ride a bump in the road in an open and honest way or the corporate message that was delivered (and most importantly supported) to a group of employees that actually lost their jobs because of closure yet publicly declared their needs were met and they supported the company’s decision. It’s those “wins”, and those days where you feel that you are part of the communications process that really mattered.

Favourite PR/communications campaign:

I believe we finally live in a time where PR campaigns are actually planned and not just the surprise add-on to an advertising campaign or crises scenario so there are so many great examples to choose from! That being said, I think we also live in a time where information is moving at warp-speed and what might be a good example one day is replaced in a moment from something that has completely failed. 

PR role model: Della Smith

Best career advice: Listen. Laugh. Learn. Repeat.

Best place to ‘do coffee’ in Vancouver: I have a serious coffee addiction … so this answer changes frequently!  But right now I’m loving the luxurious coffee and waffle experience at Medina Café. And those delicious dips …

Favourite journalist/blogger in the city: Oh I’d be in trouble if I started naming names! I try to play fair.

Favourite website: (for the ease of products and e-commerce) (for the handy icons and access to news)

I’m currently obsessed with websites that have amazing membership portals and focus on the user experience.

Favourite social media site: (to help keep me organized)

I always feel like I’m one step behind on what’s hot and trendy … my favorites are always the latest thing I’ve discovered (even if I’m way behind the curve!) … apps that are easy to navigate and yet useful distractions … my newest obsession is songza and streetfoodvancouver.

Fun fact about you: Seriously? What PR person would divulge their secrets here?!?  lol