PR Student: Alexandra Hearn

Alexandra HearnWhat’s your name?

Alexandra Hearn

Where are you studying and what’s the name of your program?

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Richmond campus)

What’s your average day like?

I get up bright and early to hit the gym around 5am, then a classmate and I carpool from Langley to Richmond for class. Depending on the day of the week I either study design, digital applications, PR writing, media relations or PR research. I always spend my lunches in one computer lab or another and often stay late to work on various school assignments or projects for my internship position with the STAND Foundation. Throughout the day I’m tweeting, posting, reading and writing. My brain goes a mile a minute all day. So when I finally get back to Langley and my head hits the pillow, I crash.

Are you an ‘early bird’ or ‘night owl’?

I’m definitely an early bird. I can get so much done in the early morning. In my opinion the most beautiful time of the day is right before sunrise when the birds are chirping and the sky is getting brighter: the whole day is ahead of you, full of infinite possibilities and opportunities.

What appeals to you most about working in PR?

I’ve always been a storyteller, even when I was five years old chatting to the lady scanning my mom’s groceries. “My mom’s from England, she calls the ground outside the floor.” (Complete with accent)

I love people, I love learning and I love communicating. I can’t believe I can actually do this for a job!

What’s your dream job?

That’s an extremely hard question to answer. Everyday I’m learning about new and different opportunities. The flexibility of this industry is immense. I suppose my dream job would first and foremost be fun and interesting. I’d always be busy learning new things. It would also have room for me to flex my creative muscles. It would be somewhere I am excited to go everyday, where I have a positive impact on the world around me, and where I have a great team to work with.

What’s your favourite PR campaign?

A favourite campaign that has stuck with me was the “100 BC Moments” Tourism BC vending machine in San Francisco (By Citizen Optimum) where people passing could hit a button and something representing an activity in BC would pop out, snowboards, inflatable kayaks and even a custom B.C. trip were given away.

Who is your PR idol?

I have so many PR idols, but if I have to choose just one, I’d say the person who knew I was destined for PR before I even knew what it was all about. Tabetha Boot recruited me from a reception desk to be Communications Coordinator at Whistler Blackcomb and I haven’t looked back. She is extremely hard working and dedicated, always happy and wonderful to be around but most importantly, she knows her stuff! If it wasn’t for her and the other WB PR team members, I don’t know if I’d be on this awesome career path today.

What’s your favourite social network?

I use Facebook most frequently, but I have a huge love for Twitter (@Alexandra_Nova) and Linkedin for PR purposes.

Which coffee shop are you most likely to frequent?

I am most likely found at a Starbucks in Langley. As an ex-barista, I have many friends still able to make cappuccinos to my picky standards.

A fun fact about you:

I was the “Snowphone girl” for Whistler Blackcomb for three years, so if you ever called in or listened to MountainFM to check the conditions, you heard me! Also if you were in the village during the Olympics, I did live on-camera weather reports on the big screen.