PR Student Revealed: Léo Newman

Leo NewmanWhat’s your name? Léo Newman

Where are you studying and what’s the name of your program? Simon Fraser University, B.A. Communications, minor in International Studies

What’s your average day like? As a student with varying assignments, busy and more calm times, an average day doesn’t really exist, but like many people it almost always begins with a coffee to kick start the day. Reading a couple articles on the front page of BBC World is also an ingrained habit that I find gives me a broader perspective of the world and awakens the mind in the morning. Once the day is going, it usually involves studying for a good 3-4 hours (more if it’s exam prep or final papers), replying to emails, going to class, having a coffee or pint with friends and either dancing, going to the gym or playing squash (if you want to play a match just drop me a line). At night, I’ll usually watch an episode of The Newsroom or The Daily Show to wind down. 

Are you an ‘early bird’ or ‘night owl’? I find myself split between the two. Often I find myself doing work later at night but there’s nothing better than feeling like you’ve already conquered the world and it isn’t even 10am yet.

What appeals to you most about working in PR? The ability to constantly be learning. It seems that every project is different, with different clients, audiences, and goals, which pushes one to be continually adapting and figuring out the best possible methods. Additionally, it seems like an industry that combines both creativity and strategy. I really dig that.

What’s your dream job? In the short term, as I’m about to finish my B.A., I’d love to work in a Vancouver PR firm that can expose me to a variety of clients and challenging projects. Looking further to the future, working on long term and crisis communication for states at an international level.

What’s your favourite PR campaign? WorkSafe BC’s “Slow Down My Mommy/Daddy Works Here” campaign really stands out for me. As a driver this really hit me on a personal level for some reason and impacted my behaviour. That’s what powerful communication is all about.

Who is your PR idol? It’s hard to place an idol, but Edward Bernays definitely stands out. He’s the grandfather of it all and while I don’t necessarily agree with the ethics of what he did, some of it is absolutely brilliant.

What’s your favourite social network? I would usually say Facebook, even though it’s a love/hate relationship, but with the Presidential election having just passed, I’m liking Twitter a lot more.

Which coffee shop are you most likely to frequent? JJ Bean. It’s my go to for a good Americano.

A fun fact about you: I get a strange joy and excited calm out of taking exams. And I was almost named Ducky by my older sister.