Stories from the Heart of Vancouver: The Gastown Gazette

Founded in October, 2012 the Gastown Gazette is an online media channel reporting on the people and issues that drive the dynamic community. Focusing on investigative journalism, enlightening videos and great writing about everything from local and world news, art, travel, food, fashion and politics just to name a few – the Gazette aims to engage and share the stories of Gastown’s people, entrepreneurs, ideas and culture.

Historically, Gastown has been the “beating heart” of Vancouver. Seeing the city’s first pioneers, the great fire of 1886, historical protests and ongoing social issues - the community has been through many good times and equally as many struggles – but has continued to persevere. The Gazette maintains its optimism to create and encourage the dialogue to keep that heart beating.

From historic stories and photos of times passed, local business profiles, local event information such as film festivals and pillow flightsphoto contests, and coverage on in depth controversial issues such as gentrification andpersonal safety - you will be sure to find interesting and thought provoking perspectives from the Gazette's editorial team.

The driving force behind the Gazette

Founders Andy Patton and Kim Patton are the editor and the VP of sales and marketing, respectively. The Gastown Gazette can currently be read online at

The Gastown Gazette is published by Northwest Community Enterprises Ltd. and made in Gastown.

What’s next?

According to the website, the Gazette has plans to for a real estate section to help you find homes in the area and a second installment of their travel series.

 The first print edition is set for June, 2013.

How to contact them?

The best way to reach the Gastown Gazette is via email at [email protected]