Student profile: Melissa Nelson

Melissa NelsonWhat’s your name?

Melissa Nelson

Where are you studying and what’s the name of your program?

I am currently studying at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and I am in the Public Relations Program. I am just finishing up my first year of a two year diploma program.

What’s your average day like?

I don’t really believe in an average day. Every day is different for me and I am grateful for that. I may do the same thing, like go to school or work, but that is just the venue where my day is taking place. I take away different things at the end of each day and try to learn something new every day. Now, I am not saying that I don’t have boring days because, who doesn’t? I just try and look at each day differently than the one previous.

Are you an ‘early bird’ or ‘night owl’?

I would definitely consider myself a ‘night owl’. I do a lot of my best work in the evening, plus I am the grumpiest person you will ever meet when I first wake up. It definitely takes one or two cups of coffee for me to become bright eyed and bushy tailed, so to speak.

What appeals to you most about working in PR?

I love being around people. I love the fact that PR is a job based on being social and dealing with people. I really enjoy meeting different kinds of people because I believe everyone has the ability to teach you something different.

I also love the fact that PR is very broad. If you are in PR, you have the option to work for any kind of company. There are no limits.

What’s your dream job?

I would love to get into the fashion industry. I have always been fascinated with fashion and have always known that I wanted to base my career around it. I would love to work for a PR agency, get into fashion editorial work, or work for a designer… or, all of the above to be honest.

What’s your favourite PR campaign?

I really like the campaign that Tourism Vancouver did one year. It was trying to get a certain airline more flights from San Diego to Vancouver I believe, and they had a massive vending machine that gave out free things. Someone could go up to it and push a button without putting money in it, and it gave away things like kayaks, surf boards, a free whale watching trip… basically really neat things you can do in Vancouver that no one really knew you could do here. It was genius.

Who is your PR idol?

I have really admired Kelly Cutrone as a Fashion PR idol. Yes, she is cutthroat and intimidating at times, but she is very respected in the fashion world and she gets the job done. She puts her heart and soul into her work, which I really admire.

I’ve also really look up to Joe Zee. He is the Creative Director of Elle Magazine and I have seen him on fashion television and other media outlets. He is the other side of the spectrum from Kelly Cutrone. He seems very approachable and easy to talk to. At the same time, he is very respected and very hard working. I admire people who are personable but who are also very professional.

What’s your favourite social network?

I am on Facebook and Pinterest the most. I use Facebook to keep with my friends and family and Pinterest I use to get creative ideas from or browse funny photos. I love twitter too, but view that more for branding myself as a PR professional.

Which coffee shop are you most likely to frequent?

Starbucks! They are the most accessible and love their variety in brews.

A fun fact about you:

I love to paint! I use painting as an outlet to express myself and also find it quite useful as a stress reliever.