Turning crisis into opportunity

Jason Keenan Cropped HeadshotCPRS Vancouver managed to find the silver lining in our own crisis when we had to cancel our March 5 Pro-D session on crisis communications due to a sudden illness for the guest speaker. All the food for the event had been ordered, paid for, and prepared - but there was no one there to eat it. The sandwiches and desserts went to the Community Angel Food Runners program of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. That program collects prepared food from restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and schools and delivers it to meal-providing agencies.

Our speaker is on the mend and we'll host a rescheduled session on April 30.

Registration information will be sent out to members soon. It promises to be an excellent look at crisis communications.

Jason Keenan is Communications Director at ICBA – Independent Contractors and Businesses Association – and Professional Development (Junior-to-Mid Level) Chair for CPRS Vancouver.