Agency profile: Régalien

Regalien Boyoumphotography 247CPRS digital writer Amanda Munro sat down with the founders of Régalien to find out more about their agency.

Here's what they had to say:

Who founded Régalien and when was it founded?

Régalien is founded by Lorena Laurencelle and Heba Yousuf. It was originally founded late in 2013 as a side-project while both founders were employed and leading PR initiatives for other companies. It’s quickly grown and is now a full-time digital agency that works closely with the lifestyle and entertainment industries in Vancouver.

How do you pronounce Régalien?!

It's Re-Gal-ion! It's the french word for royalty.

What was the concept behind the formation of the firm? 

We’re a digital agency with a brand that executes our passion for everything lifestyle and entertainment. We get to know our clients, find the spark in them and share their brilliance with the world. We also have a blog where we allow people to get to know us a bit better, always sharing what we’re up to and what we’re interested in.

How big is your agency? 

We’re currently a dynamic duo of two! We hire respected PR Practitioners on a contract-basis when it gets really busy.

What does a typical day at Régalien look like? 

It’s never the same! Location is always changing; something we’re very passionate and proud of at Regalien is travel and the ability to work from anywhere in the world. We refuse to be chained down to a desk from 9-5pm. Instead, we’re out exploring; constantly learning, working with our clients and engaging our own followers through our ReGal blog.

How has the definition of PR changed for Régalien? Has it changed any of the work your agency does? 

Social media is quickly becoming a necessity, allowing brands to engage directly with its consumers. Developing a strategy and unique personality on social media is crucial to the success of an organization. This is a conversation we’re always having with our clients. The world has also become very digital; we’re always thinking of new ways to digitally engage our clients with the public.

What sets your agency apart from the others in Vancouver? 

Regalien is founded by the ReGals; We’re tattooed, educated and self-employed. We love creating public relations campaigns while travelling the world and engaging people with video-projects.

What would you say Régalien “specializes in”? 

Regalien specializes in developing relationships with companies, the media and its consumers. We love meeting and getting to know new people; whether it’s while working with new clients or travelling the world.

What would your employees say makes Régalien appealing to work for? 

We have a strong work/life balance. We believe in working thoroughly, focussing on what actually gets done instead of how many hours are being put into a project. We don’t abide by a strict, 9-5pm workday or two week vacation policy.

Tell us about a campaign Régalien is most known for or proud of. 

Regalien works with a lot of new businesses and helps consult them while developing unique PR initiatives and helping visualize their brand. Most of our clients have us on strict non-disclosure agreements, so we’re not able to share the exciting details (yet)!

Do you have anything new and exciting coming up? 

Absolutely! We’re launching a ReGal video series. Stay tuned for details!

What does your current client portfolio look like and who does it consist of (if you are able to share)? 

Regalien is comprised of lifestyle and entertainment clients; most of them innovative start-ups that are under strict non-disclosure regulations. Our favourite ones that we’re allowed to brag about are Stagnhare and Align Entertainment!

What is the best way for prospective clients to contact you 

We love getting to know our clients in person! Best way to start the conversation is via email or social media:

Twitter: @RegalienAgency | Instagram: @RegalienAgency | Facebook | Pinterest