Canada's now on Twitter, eh!

The Canadian government has hopped on the Twitter train by launching its Twitter account late last week.

On November 26, 2014, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced a new @Canada Twitter handle during a foreign affairs, trade and development event which focused on the relevance of social media in diplomacy. Propelled by Canadian Diplomats who are adopting social media to promote Canadian values and interests in the recent years, the goal of the new medium, Braid said, is to advance Canada’s foreign policy, trade and development objectives; and, to promote Canada as the best country in the world at an international level.

The Canadian government had already expanded its digital presence over the past year, but their move on Wednesday was the biggest yet and generated a lot of buzz in the media and a lot of followers too. By 8:30 pm on Wednesday, the Twitter account had over 47,000 followers and later increased to over 73,500 by this morning.

Interestingly enough, the government’s first tweet was curated using a prompt frequently used to poke fun at Canadians: “@Canada’s now on Twitter, eh!” Unfortunately, the tweet generated a torrent of tweets debating whether or not @Canada’s voice on Twitter is representing Canada in a good light --as Braid’s tweet would say: “nation of strong values, rich culture, beautiful landscapes and a dynamic economy.”

What are your thoughts on the Canadian government’s latest digital development?