CPRS Essentials Board Member Update

As the Director of Accreditation and Mentorship for CPRS Vancouver, I have a busy year ahead of me for a good reason.

The accredited in public relations (APR) designation is one of the most prominent benefits provided by CPRS to its members and my job is to support those looking to achieve this important milestone.

The APR Chair is responsible for a number of tasks throughout the year including liaising with the national society and setting up supports for local chapter members who are going through the APR process, like information sessions and study groups.  The chair also attends monthly board meetings and accreditation meetings by the national society.

My goal is to get more eligible members interested in starting the APR process, which takes about a year to complete. Once a member obtains his or her designation, it doesn’t end there. CPRS will continue to stay in touch to provide information on the volunteer accreditation maintenance program, which is useful to those who want to stay current with best practices in the PR industry.

Aside from the accreditation program, I have some big plans next year for the mentorship program. I want to redesign it so it’s mutually rewarding for both mentees and mentors alike and attractive to PR professionals at any level in their careers. Early feedback from members tells us there is a strong demand for mentorship in our profession. 

I’m currently looking for feedback on the mentorship program.  If you're interested in giving your opinion, please complete this survey.

To receive regular updates on either accreditation or mentorship, please check the CPRS Vancouver websiteregularly or follow me on twitter @jeffmeerman