CPRS PRK Exam Allows Junior Practitioners the Opportunity to Distinguish Themselves

The next round of PRK exams will be taking place across Canada (including in Vancouver and Victoria) on Saturday, January 25, 2014. 

Exam administrators are encouraging all new communicators to consider studying for the exam if they want a chance to distinguish themselves from their peers. 

"The CPRS PRK exam brings a new standard to the public relations industry and provides a unique opportunity for up and coming communicators to distinguish themselves from their peers,” says Michelle Crossland, an Account Coordinator with Corpen Group.
The PRK exam is designed for recent graduates from PR programs who want to demonstrate their knowledge as well as new PR professionals who have transitioned from other career areas. 
“I would highly recommend this exam to anyone who is debating taking it as it demonstrates a practitioner's dedication to ethical practices, continuous learning and professionalism in the industry. Thank you to the CPRS for providing this opportunity," said Crossland.
During the preparation for the exam, participants will receive a preparation guide that outlines the objectives of the job, the PRK process, exam details and structure as well as suggested reading references. Participants will also be able to draw on expert advice in a tailored webinar and an online discussion forum where participants can post questions, comments and advice. 
Register for the next PRK Exam by January 22, 2014. To learn more, click here