CPRS Video Series: The art of storytelling

Would you read a book without any characters in it? A brands’ story is much the same. Fact and figure telling is not as relatable as a storyline with some drama.

We had the privilege of meeting with Barb Coates, Media & Communications Coordinator at Variety - The Children's Charity, on two occasions to learn about the art of storytelling and its importance in content marketing.

Coates’ career has taken her from a CBC videographer, to a freelance editor, writer and producer in film and television production, to a communications and public relations consultant. She is a long-standing mentor in the CPRS mentorship program and has been helping people tell their stories with words, pictures and sound for over 26 years.

She also shares with us a personal experience, which reinforced her belief in transparency, and is especially relevant now with the popularity of social networking.  

Click here to watch what Barb had to say.

You can connect with Barb on LinkedIn or on Twitter @blcoates.

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