Importance of staying up to date with social media trends

Omg Social Media Conference Online Media Generation Vancouver August 2013 7 0As social media platforms like Facebook continue to change their rules and algorithms, and new media like Snapchat are introduced and quickly adapted, it is important for public relations professionals to stay on top of these trends to avoid falling behind. Social media has become an increasingly important element which is intertwined into an overall strategy, rather than a stand-alone effort that operates separately from the rest of the business.

To help us stay in the loop, CPRS Vancouver interviewed professionals who are presenting at the OMG Social Media Conference 2014 to get their perspectives on why they choose to stay on top of trends and how it affects their recommendations and strategies as professionals.

Here’s what Conner Galway, Founder of Junction Creative Solutions, Tia Kelly, Social Strategist from Unbounce, and Cijaye DePradine, Founder of Cijaye Creative has to say:

Top 3 Reasons to Stay Up to Date:

1.         Establish and maintain trust among your clients

You should always be ready to present up-to-date ideas to your clients so you aren’t surprised when they bring up a new idea or trend that you’ve never heard of. Don’t let your clients know more about the industry than you - you’re the expert! Stay current on new updates and trends, and at the same time, understand which new ideas will or won’t help your clients connect to their audience better.

2.         Don’t get left behind

It pays to be innovative and a first mover, but if you wait too long, you may miss the boat and lose projects and clients. Professionals are constantly experimenting with new platforms and processes to see what works to avoid missing out on opportunities. We used to be able to make one, two or five year marketing plans, but these days, technology is evolving at such a rapid rate that it is not unusual to be re-thinking strategies every few months.

3.         Make smarter and more informed business decisions

Business objectives and strategies are developed based on available tools and platforms. But when tools change, so does our ability to achieve our objectives. Do you know how to shift your strategies accordingly?Knowing how changes are impacting overall objectives, rather than focusing solely on social media objectives independently is crucial.  Even more importantly, changes affect buy-in across the organization. If social media is part of the bigger picture, it becomes much easier for everyone to get on board.

Hear more from the experts in person at the OMG Social Media Conference on November 20, 2014 in Vancouver.