Interview with Darren Barefoot, Co-Founder of Capulet Communications

Darren Julie Capulet 0An exciting event for PR pros about communications strategies that work in a multi-screen world is scheduled to take place in just two weeks.

In advance, we’ve caught up with one of the presenters, Darren Barefoot, Co-Founder of Capulet Communications, about what delegates can expect from this event.

What three things can people expect to learn about during your presentation on March 19?

Attendees will understand the powerful global shift that's moving attention away from desktop and laptop computers toward mobile devices. They'll also learn how to develop content for a mobile audience and best practices for social media in a multi-screen world.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

The session is for marketers and communicators who create content, develop strategy or do other marketing work on the web and are faced with the fractured future that mobile represents.

How do people engage with social media content differently on their smartphone/tablet device (small screen) in comparison to their computer/laptop (big screen)?

One key difference is that many users and an increasing number of channels are mobile-only. Last fall, Facebook reported that nearly half of its users only ever access the social network on a mobile device. The number of these mobile-only monthly active users has doubled in year, from 126 million to 254 million.

Likewise, there are a number of apps that have no, or nearly no, desktop web presence at all. Instagram's 150 million users strictly access the network through their phones.

What social media fact surprises people the most?

The fact that keeps us up at night is the popularity of private or semi-private social networking apps, particularly among young people. Apps like SnapChat, WhatsApp and Kik represent hundreds of millions of (mostly young) users. Though some brands are experimenting with SnapChat, these users are more difficult to reach than their equivalents in the 'traditional' social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Is there one social media rule that should never be broken?

This rule predates social media, but it's always going to be applicable: don't lie on the Internet. You will always get caught.

The event is at 7:30am at the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver on March 19. Tickets are available online.