PR Profile: Annabelle Immega of Reformation PR

Annabelle Immega2Emily Kiloh sat down with Annabelle Immega,a charismatic associate at Reformation PR, to hear her take on the PR industry.

Annabelle is a bit of an anomaly; she’s actually born and raised right here in Vancouver. Like a lot of fellow public relations professionals, she got her start in the industry with an internship. After finding her stride at Heth PR, she chose Simon Fraser University’s Public Relations program to build on her B.A. from the University of British Columbia. In 5 years, Annabelle’s goals include moving in with her boyfriend, adopting an older dog and stepping into a supervisory role at Reformation PR.

Tell us, Annabelle…

1.   What do people value most in the PR industry?
 Your connections. The more people who want to help you achieve your goals, the better off you will be.

2.   What personality trait has helped you the most in PR?
My OCD-like attention to detail.

3.   What was your biggest take-away from school?
The public speaking course. As speaking in front of a group normally makes me pretty anxious, it was great to learn some practical tips on how to combat my nerves. I was fortunate to have Pamela Hart, founder of Release Your Voice, teach this course at SFU.

4.   Who is your PR Icon?
My boss Amanda Haines. She has an incredible business mind. She’s also a mentor to me- she pushes me to learn on my own and she provides amazing feedback.

5.   What’s your favourite PR campaign?
The Kingsgate Mall twitter. Two students took over the @kingsgatemall handle and started (satirically) tweeting on their behalf. The owners of the mall are loving the free publicity, and it’s even been picked up locally by Vancity buzz: I love it when a brand doesn’t always have to take itself seriously.

Get social with Annabelle:
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