PR Profile: Richard Truman of CopperMoon Communications

Richard TrumanName: Richard Truman

Job title: Senior Communications Manager

Company you work for: CopperMoon Communications

Career background: Like so many communications professionals, I started out as a journalist. I’m British, but my career actually started right here in Vancouver freelancing for the now-defunct outdoors magazine Coast. I went back to London in 2001 and spent five years as a journalist and editor before ‘selling my soul’ to PR along with a move to Manchester.

After a few years I gained a communications post-grad diploma from Manchester Metropolitan University and a wealth of experience working with food, sustainability and outdoors clients as a consultant with Pelican PR

I’m a keen cyclist so was really excited when British Cycling, the governing body for cycling in the UK, took me on as their marketing and communications manager. In two years there I learned an awful lot, made some lifelong friends and also got a lot better at riding my bike! It’s where I think I managed to grow from being a pure ‘PR’ person into a more rounded communications professional while having a lot of fun.

I then moved back to Pelican, where I became an associate director. We worked with some great clients and got really involved in some community consultation initiatives, mostly around recycling and renewable energy projects.

My wife and I were keen to move back to Vancouver while our kids are still young, so started thinking it in 2011. We spent a week here in early 2012 meeting with most of the larger agencies and the CPRS. The amount of help we received was absolutely incredible - enough to convince us it was the right move to make, but not enough to secure us work permits!

I spotted that CopperMoon Communications and our parent company the Castlemain Group were looking for a senior communications manager in early April 2013. I applied and by May I was here meeting with the team, with clients and trying to figure out work permits. We finally made the move in August 2013.

CopperMoon and Castlemain work exclusively for Aboriginal interests, so I was lucky to join when I did. There is so much interesting work going on in this field right now. Every day is challenging, rewarding and full of amazing stories.  

Career aspirations: To keep growing my knowledge, and to keep working with and motivating an energetic team.

Greatest career challenge: Finding a job in Vancouver? I think my toughest day was at British Cycling, when a rider failed a blood test during a World Championship event. When I found out, international media were sat on the other side of the wall and were about to find out too…

Greatest career success: So far the thing I am proudest of is growing a great team at Pelican. We had fun, got some great results and made money at the same time.

Biggest career mistake or regret: Not using the experience around me at British Cycling to turn me into an Olympic athlete!

Best career advice: Listen.

Best place to ‘do coffee’ in Vancouver: Any Artigiano’s.

Favourite journalist to pitch to: Ooh, this is tough. Perhaps Chris Tighe on the Financial Times. Amazing to find someone so grounded and happy to hear about some of the smaller stories on such a ‘big’ title.

Favourite website: Either because I love home page redesign done early this year or because I can dream about bikes there. 

Favourite social media site: Twitter, just because I can find out so much so quickly.

Fun fact about you: I was once a judge at the World Cheese Awards.