PR Profile: Robin Rowley of SPUD

Robin RowleyLorna Allen caught up with Robin Rowley, Director of Communications at SPUD to chat about PR and her experience in the industry.

Here's what she has to share..

Career background:  My roles have run the gamut in marketing and communications – from online marketing and PR at a travel start-up, to managing traditional advertising campaigns at Tourism Vancouver, to leading B2B communications for Blast Radius, a 500-person digital agency with 9 global offices. Most recently I was running PR for Indochino Apparel, the leader in custom online menswear.

Career aspirations: To leverage a passion for connecting people through storytelling to inspire ethical and sustainable choices and support socially conscious businesses. 

Greatest career challenge: Developing a thick skin, and learning to let go of creative work! Every PR pro learns that most emails sent don’t get answered and that beautifully crafted pitches wind up published as something entirely different, but it can still be a hard pill to swallow.

Greatest career success:  Seeing measurable impact on sales, launching corporate websites after lengthy and complicated processes, and landing my spokespeople the covers of industry publications or on top-billed TV shows.

Biggest career mistake or regret: While I don’t believe in regrets, I do wish I’d learned some lessons quicker – particularly that, to borrow the words of Sheryl Sandberg, “done is better than perfect.”

Favourite PR/communications campaign: Everlane’s “Know Your Factories” campaign, which is a beautifully done portrait of CSR that keeps the focus on the product.

PR role model: I prefer to find inspiration from those around me – the brilliant marketers I’ve worked alongside with have all shaped my professional career.

Best career advice: Meet as many people as possible, always be of service, and ask for help when you need it. Success in PR – and in most roles – depends on your network. Grow it, nurture it and support it.

Best place to ‘do coffee’ in Vancouver: Gastown is full of great coffee shops for meetings – Revolver and Milano Coffee are a couple of my favourites.

Favourite journalist to pitch to: Any journalist who is responsive, collaborative and appreciative of the fact that we’re both trying to do the same thing – create compelling stories.

Favourite website: I always find myself going back to Quartz, Fast Company, Mashable and food blog Love & Lemons.

Favourite social media site: Instagram. It’s a treasure trove of information – recipes, travel destinations, new styles and styling ideas - presented like a beautiful scavenger hunt.

Fun fact about you: I’m a travel fiend. While long weekends are reserved for exploring the West Coast, with more than a week I’m getting on a plane and discovering a new destination. This year has taken me to Belize and Iceland, and next up is Dubai.

You can follow Robin on twitter @robinrow or find her on LinkedIn.