PR Profile: ted LAU from Ballistic Arts

Lorna AllenCPRS Vancouver's Lorna Allen sat down with ted LAU, Founder of Ballistic Arts to hear about his career and how he got started:

Career background:  Started Ballistic Arts after I graduated from SFU in the School of Communications in 2002.

Career aspirations: Our 3-year goal is to double Ballistic Arts in size and profitability, and to be the go-to digital creative agency for Website Design, Video Production, Graphic Design, and Photography.

Greatest career challenge: Truly appreciating how I am limiting my own growth, and then finding the resources, patience and courage to choose new possibilities for myself.

Greatest career success: Surrounding myself with a great support network. My parents are my cheerleaders, my wife Marisa is extremely patient and understanding, my business partner Tak is a pillar of support, the team members at Ballistic Arts are hardworking and creative, and I have several mentors that have continued to provide me with guidance, perspective and insight.

Biggest career mistake or regret: I don't believe in mistakes or regrets. It's all learning.

Favourite PR/communications campaign for business: It's a little dated, but the Maple Leaf Foods Listeria outbreak.

Favourite PR/communications campaign for fun: Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal:

PR role model: Mike Jagger, Provident Security

Best career advice: There have been so many. Create core values for the company. Take Landmark. Read Built to Sell. Do Painted Picture. Defend your financial model. Love what you do, the money will come. 

Best place to ‘do coffee’ in Vancouver (for business): Caffe Artigiano

Best place to 'do coffee' in Vancouver (for date night with wifey): Faubourg by the Art Gallery. Great Macarons!

Favourite journalist to pitch to: I'm not 100% in PR, so I've never pitched. Folks typically come to me.

Favourite website: :)

Favourite social media site: I tend to be on Facebook more than I should be...
Fun fact about you: I have a piercing that you can't see.