PR Student Profile: Bethany Padfield

Beth PadfieldEmily Kiloh sat down with Bethany Padfield, a recent graduate of SFU’s Public Relations Program, to ask her a few questions about the Public Relations industry. Bethany has an array of experience in the communications field, and recently completed her practicum at the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights in Edmonton, Alberta. One of Bethany’s passions lies in finding different perspectives, and having them heard.

Tell us Beth…

1. What made you choose a career in Public Relations?

I chose to pursue a career in Public Relations as it allows me to combine my interest and training in the communications and media fields with my passion for making unique stories heard. I believe difference is strength; it is in finding a unique perspective that a campaign truly becomes successful.

2. What do you love about this industry?

I love that PR seeks out and makes use of ‘free’ ways to gain exposure and coverage of important and worthwhile causes. I love being able to translate a client’s vision into a powerful story for their target audience.

3. What are you most excited to learn more about?

I’m excited to see where PR is headed. The industry is in a period of active change with the explosion of social media and modifications to newsrooms and the news cycle. This is an extremely interesting time to be part of this field. I look forward to learning about, and maybe creating some of, the new ways to do PR.

4. What’s your favourite news site?

In terms of traditional news, I’m a fan of the Globe and Mail. Specific to PR, I’m regularly checking

5. Favourite social network?

Twitter is my favourite social network. Being able to ‘scan the headlines’ works great for me and helps me stay on top of the need-to-know information each day.

6. What’s your dream job?

My dream job would be working for an organization that is actively trying to change the world into a better, more equitable place for everyone. I am very passionate about social justice issues. I would love to be able to mobilize the public into engaging with and working for change on these important issues.

7. If you could fly anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

I would fly to Berlin and then do a huge exploration around Germany. My wife and I went to Berlin in 2012 as part of a larger Western Europe trip and found Berlin to be amazing. We really want to go back and see more of what Germany is all about.

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