PR Student ‘Revealed’ Series: Kaelynn Frankish

Kaelynn PhotoKaelynn Frankish is featured as part of our PR Student 'Revealed' Series. If you would like to be featured, please contact CPRS Vancouver Communications Chair, Charlotte Sherry, at [email protected] with the answers to the questions below and a photo of yourself (less than 2MB).

Where are you studying and what’s the name of your program?
I am studying Public Relations at Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Are you an ‘early bird’ or ‘night owl’? What helps you get your work done?
I am certainly an early bird! I was a figure skater, so I was always up at really early hours. However, I would much prefer to do my work during the afternoon through the evening. I always make sure I’m in bed by 10, because I am certainly not a night owl!

What appeals to you most about working in PR?
PR is a fast moving industry that is always changing. The variety and the challenge that comes along with the profession really excites me.

What’s your dream job? 
It would be a dream come true if I could work Public Relations with Disney!

What’s your favourite social network and why?
I am all about Facebook. It’s a neutral network zone for me because it ties in all of my favourite social media sites into one from Instagram to Twitter.

A fun fact about you: 
I am fluent in American Sign Language!