Torchia Scholarship: Multilingualism Becoming a Norm in Public Relations/Communications

Canada’s cultural landscape is rich and diverse. With the onset of the digital age, the world has gotten a lot smaller. Communications is no longer only contained within your city or province, it can be amplified to audiences around the globe, placing importance on the practice of bilingualism in the field.

After recognizing a need, Jean-Claude and his father, Armand Torchia of Torchia Communications, placed an importance on bilingualism early on in their practice. They are only one of a handful of firms who support a bilingual system and wish more companies across Canada will adopt it.
“There was no social media 20 to 30 years ago, so multilingualism wasn't as important. Now, if you don’t know two to five languages, at the very least, you’ll really be at a disadvantage,” said Jean-Claude, in an interview with CPRS Vancouver. “Torchia Communications wants to contribute and get the support of corporate Canada. The more languages we know makes us more open to the world and better practitioners.”
To celebrate multilingualism's relevance in today’s field of communications, Torchia Communications established and fund a prestigious bilingual scholarship: Torchia Scholarship in Public Relations and Communications.

The Scholarship is awarded annually to the student who best exemplifies the spirit and practice of bilingualism in the Canadian communications and public relations profession.

Scholarship criteria:
  • The Scholarship will be awarded to a student who has chosen to study public relations/communications inone of Canada's two official languages that is not his/her first language or mother tongue.
  • The student will be entering his/her second year of undergraduate study [in 2014/15] in public relations/communications at a Canadian university or college,
  • The student must be in either a degree program or a multi-year diploma or certificate program that meets recognized standards of education.
How to apply:
  • Submitted by: student
  • Application: Can be found here
  • The scholarship is valued at: $1,500 and is for one year only