A Note of Appreciation: Thanking Our Long-standing Members

This November, CPRS Vancouver wants to extend a note of appreciation to our members who have been with us for as many as 50 years. We would like to highlight their achievements and efforts in the field of PR. Without their continuous support and expertise, we would not have been able to become the go-to organization for PR practitioners and communications specialists since 1959.

Please join us in congratulating them!

50 Years 

Jean Cormier 

Jean Cormier’s impact on the Public Relations industry in Vancouver was one to behold; it was not just his ideas, creativity, and expertise, but his impact on the people that surrounded him as well. Jean was a great storyteller, keeping everyone hanging on his every word and expression. Jean was also a phenomenal mentor, guiding industry experts that have contributed greatly to the industry themselves. Countless Public Relations professionals owe the beginning and longevity of their careers to Jean Cormier, ensuring his leadership and knowledge has permeated across Canada. With so many people owing so much to the guidance of Jean, he had reached levels of influence that few could boast. CPRS does not only thank Jean for his commitment to the Society, but rather his contributions to, and influence in, the world of Public Relations. Thank you Jean.

40 Years

Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald has been instrumental in raising the profile of lung health for decades. As the President and CEO of the BC Lung Association, Scott has been influential in promoting the successes of Radon Aware, and Quit Now. Through research, education, and support initiatives, Scott has long advocated for both healthy lungs and healthy air. Conducting stellar public relations for a wonderful cause, CPRS Vancouver is honored to have been a part of Scott’s journey for 40 years. Thank you Scott!

Bruce Rozenhart, APR 

From working in the Prime Minister’s office to being President of COUNTERPOINT Communications, Bruce Rozenhart takes on management leadership roles in every endeavour. Excelling in crisis communications and both public and government relations, Bruce has solidified himself as an elite strategic communications leader. Moreover, Bruce truly embodies what it means to give back to his community, with extensive volunteer experience directing the Vancouver Board of Trade, and the Lower Mainland Economic Sustainability Panel among many others. CPRS Vancouver is honored to have had Bruce’s leadership and expertise for the past 40 years. Thank you Bruce.

30 Years

Mary Lou Gazeley

Mary Lou Gazeley has enjoyed an award winning career in public relations, specializing in Strategic Planning, Risk Management, and Crisis Communications. Crediting her success to unconventional thinking, and focusing on the company story and vision, Mary Lou is passionate about contributing to a company’s success, including the not-for-profit sector. The CPRS is thrilled to have had Mary Lou’s leadership and contribution for the past 30 years. Thank you Mary Lou!

Peggy John

Peggy John has enjoyed 25+ years of communications experience in both public and private organizations, and has accumulated years of professional expertise in areas ranging from housing, education, to health care. Peggy seems to have found a niche in the health care sector, and has brought that passion to CPRS Vancouver for 30 years, including serving as President in the past. We are grateful to have a communications expert with such a diverse background consistently contributing to our team. Thank you Peggy!

20 years

Maureen Cameron, APR

A special thank-you to Maureen Cameron, APR for her 20 years of commitment to the CPRS. Maureen has travelled from Television Communications to the Canadian Bar Association, bringing her PR expertise to national campaigns. She has also won awards for The Rant with Molson Canadian, as well as furthered the vision of CPRS Vancouver. Maureen attributes her success to not standing still; keep moving Maureen!

Clive Camm, APR

Clive Camm’s media relations and communications expertise are reflected by his rapid climb through broadcast media, rising from early weekend assignments to managing a newsroom. Today, Clive manages strategic communications for hospitals, health centers and residential care homes for the Coastal areas in Vancouver. CPRS Vancouver is grateful to have had Clive’s support and commitment for the last 20 years. Thank you Clive!

15 Years

Scott Jackson

Scott Jackson’s commitment to Co-op Housing and the Environment serves as an inspiration to future generations. Following Scott’s mission of leaving the planet in a better shape than we find it, the CPRS is thankful to have had Scott’s leadership for 15 years running. Thank you Scott!

10 Years

Danielle Marchand

Effective communication and public relations in the political realm is no easy task, and certainly not without a high degree of importance; yet, with experience in provincial and municipal government, as well as with the RCMP, Danielle Marchand’s expertise in the sector continues to grow. CPRS Vancouver is excited to have had Danielle’s experience in our team for 10 years! Thank you Danielle!

Christina Moore

With over 10 years of experience in tourism and hospitality, Christina Moore has enviably combined her skillset in public relations with a passion for the outdoors; furthermore, Christina has passed on her knowledge of Marketing Tourism to countless students over 2 years. Thank you Christina for bring your expertise into our team for the last 10 years!

Andrew Poon

Andrew Poon has acquired a wealth of knowledge from broadcast television to academia, before finding his niche in the BC Securities Commission. Today, Andrew applies his leadership skills in the areas of Communications and Education. CPRS Vancouver thanks Andrew for bringing us this leadership and expertise for the past 10 years.

Christie Smith, APR

An accredited and award-winning communications and public relations professional, Christie Smith has brought extensive strategic communications experience to municipalities such as the City of Squamish and the City of Vancouver. Specializing in branding, media relations, and effective strategy, Christie continues to leave a lasting imprint wherever she goes. CPRS Vancouver thanks Christie for 10 years of strategic expertise. Thank you Christie!

Victor Vrsnik, APR

Victor embodies excellence in both public affairs and marketing. From providing strategic communications counsel, to being responsible for governmental affairs for 7-Eleven Canada, Victor has received accolades from BullDog Stars of PR. Conversely, Victor has also received awards for Marketing excellence, including the Gold – Canadian Marketing Communications Campaign of the Year in 2012 from the CPRS. The CPRS is thrilled to have had Victor’s contribution for the past 10 years. Thank you Victor.

5 years

A special thank you to Michael Davis, Alyn Edwards, Barb Floden, Judy Kirk, DJ Lam, Mat Loup, Nicholas Manthorpe, Ashlee Milby, Louise Pedersen, Suzanne Walters, and David Weir for 5 years of dedication and commitment to CPRS Vancouver! We look forward to continuing to be a part of your journey.


As special note of thanks goes to volunteer Jas Baweja for putting these notes together.

About the Author

Lesley is the editor of the CPRS Vancouver newsletter, Essentials, that is published bi-weekly. She is also a digital content and public relations practitioner with a passion for food and wine.