Board Member Profile: What I do as Director of Recruitment

110506 Fhffheadshots Lesley0004 Twitter 0As the Director of Recruitment for CPRS Vancouver, I’ve definitely got my eye on the job market for PR and communications professionals in the lower mainland.

CPRS Vancouver chapter’s job board is one of the most robust boards in CPRS, right behind Toronto chapter and the National job board. The job board attracts companies from a wide variety of industries, even government agencies and PR firms. Here’s a sample of who has posted with us in the past: FleishmanHillard Canada, Vancouver Coastal Health, Laura Ballance Media Group, ICBC, 1800-GOT-JUNK? and much more.

The Recruitment Director is directly responsible for the job board, ensuring CPRS Vancouver members have access to the latest job postings and career opportunities as soon as the hiring managers are looking for qualified professionals. As any PR professional should have in their arsenal, the recruitment director is tasked with building relationships with HR managers, hiring managers, other communications professionals and encouraging them to hire CPRS Vancouver members to join their team.

As you can imagine, keeping an eye on Vancouver’s PR and communications job market could be a part time job. I’m aided with tools such as Twitter and a lot of RSS feeds to more than 20 job boards that track certain key words to find the best possible postings to bring to members. Thanks to this setup, I’m able to find the best jobs, use my PR savviness to find the hiring manager’s contact information (a must do for any job applicant) and invite them to try out the job board for recruitment.

Aside from my day to day tasks to find our members the best jobs available at all levels, I’m part of the CPRS Job Board Task Force, which is looking to bring together a comprehensive job board with standardized pricing and packages that make sense for the employer. I’m working together with several other chapters across Canada to bring this new board to fruition!

If you have any questions about the job board, or if you simply want to get in touch with me, please feel free to drop me a line on Twitter at @LesleyChang or by email at