CNW Presents: The Communications Evolution

20150407 C5015 Photo En 13936 1The evolution of the Internet and social media has fundamentally changed the landscape in which public relations, marketing, IR, advertising and other media professionals operate. While social platforms like Facebook and Twitter have certainly contributed to that change, it’s mobile and SmartPhones that are responsible for the seismic shift we’ve seen in recent years.

“It comes down to one thing and that’s access,” says Michael Pranikoff, Global Director, Emerging Media, PR Newswire. “People have more access to content now at their fingertips at any time of day than at any point in the history of mankind.”

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What does this mean for communications professionals? Taking an integrated, multi-channel approach to campaigns that leverage PR, IR, marketing, advertising and social tactics to gain the greatest advantage. But with more content and more platforms available than ever before, communications professionals need to be considering shareability.

“Why is this piece of content, why is this news, going to be interesting to your audience?” asks Pranikoff. Asking a few key questions up front such as why does our audience need to know this newswhy will they chose to click and most importantly, why will they chose to share will go a long way to reaching goals and objectives.

And don’t forget about media. When pitching a journalist or editor it’s now essential to demonstrate the social velocity of a story.

“According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 76% of journalists feel pressure to consider whether their story will get shared on social media,” Pranikoff says. This means thinking beyond just the text-only news release. Include visual story telling elements like photos, videos, or infographics and any relevant social aspects of a campaign like hashtags. 

So what’s the secret to getting your content shared?

“Give your audience something to act on,” says Pranikoff. “If you want your audience to share, ask them to share it on Facebook or retweet a Tweet.”

Including a call to action, even if it’s simply please retweet, can yield big results.HubSpot recently demonstrated that tweets that include a simple ask to retweet  receive 51% more retweets than those that don’t!

Coming up later this month CNW Presents: The Communications Evolution – an inspiring professional development event featuring speakers drawn from media, IR, communications, marketing and PR. You will learn how to integrate communications channels for maximum results.


During the events we’ll discuss

  • How to win the fight for time and attention and find clarity with your audience 
  • Tactics to take hold of your online reputation before it takes hold of you 
  • New PR tips for today and tomorrow
  • And bring our Canadian Content We Love panel to life with integrated, transmedia campaigns from WestJet, TalkShop PR, and ARC Resources!

As the landscape continues to evolve, communications professionals will need to find new ways to tell their stories. Download our article New Opportunities to Earn Media & Attention for Your Brand to learn more!

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*This blog post originally appeared in the CNW Newswire blog 'Beyond the Wire'