CPRS Beers n' Careers Event Recap

On April 1, CPRS Vancouver hosted its first ever Beers n’ Careers networking event at Original Joe’s on Cambie Street. The focus of the event was to offer interested members a chance to connect with one another in an informal, relaxed atmosphere without a fee… while being able to take advantage of happy hour!

About 30 attendees utilized the comfortable lounge couches and led exchanges with one another, moving about the room and switching conversation partners when prompted. Overheard conversations included work-life balance, working in different cities such as Toronto and Calgary, travel, psychics, and tips for entering the public relations workforce.  

Scott Money, who just joined as a CPRS member during membership month in March, said this was his first introduction to CPRS. He was glad he attended Beers n’ Careers because he met with some really interesting people in the industry and was able to make some important networking connections.

Emily Kiloh said the best conversation she had was talking to another individual about their joint love of music and debated whether to attend either the Pemberton or Squamish music festival this summer.  The conversations reaffirmed that the Public Relations and Communication industry encompasses a wide range of companies, skill sets, talents, and knowledge. Taking the time to talk to other professionals in the industry really is the best way to learn about the many directions a career in PR could take you!


Here’s what I learned:

  • Don’t only talk to your co-workers or the people you came to the event with. Everyone is there to meet someone new, so go ahead and start up a conversation with a stranger!
  • Do invite bystanders or those not engaged to join in on your conversation.  
  • On the flip side, don’t be afraid to ask someone to make room for you on the couch or at their table.   
  • Talking about work and what you do is a natural introduction for networking events, but don’t feel obligated to talk about it the whole time. You’re off the clock and making personal connections is fundamental to effective networking.
  • Do hand out your business cards, but don’t leave them on the registration table hoping someone will take one.
  • Do RELAX! Its happy hour and the work day is done. Yes you could be at the gym or with your personal friends, but why not break from the routine for one night?

Thank you to those who came out and participated in this chance to meet other professionals in the industry and mingle after work.  Let’s do it again, on the patio this time?