CPRS Digital Team: Stephen Ludlow

Stephenludlow 12This series highlights the people behind the scenes of CPRS Vancouver's website and social media. Each week, we will feature a member of the CPRS Vancouver Digital team until they've all been named.

This week, we would like to introduce Stephen Ludlow

Role on CPRS: Editor of CPRS Essentials Newsletter

Day job: Communications Specialist at Best Buy Canada

Why you volunteer: I originally began volunteering to further my relationships within the industry, and after two years I've continued to volunteer as I've seen the value in an organization such as CPRS firsthand. It's been great to mingle with CPRS cohorts at social events, and it's always fantastic to attend a guest lecture or seminar to further my professional development. 

Most rewarding part of volunteering with CPRS: I'd say the most rewarding part of my volunteering with CPRS has been creating an invaluable network of friends and colleagues within the industry. From learning about our CPRS Student Members who are on the cusp of getting into PR, to speaking with current and past members of the board, I can genuinely say that I've learned something from every single CPRS Vancouver member that I've had the pleasure of meeting. 

Fun fact: I'm a bit of a pun aficionado, and I like to think having some fun with my words has helped me to 'PR'-ogress through my career!

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