CPRS Video Series: The value of mentorship

CPRS Digital Videographer Carrice Wong sat with Jeff Meerman, APR, Director of Accreditation and Mentorship for CPRS Vancouver to chat about mentorship and its importance in building your career.

Jeff began his career in public relations in 1999. He has worked across a number of industry sectors including government, high tech and finance; currently he is the Manager of Corporate and Public Affairs at TD Bank Group and Director of Accreditation and Mentorship for the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS), Vancouver Chapter. 

Jeff has been involved with CPRS for a number of years, obtaining accreditation in 2010. He is actively involved in the National Education Committee and is a grader of the Public Relations Knowledge (PRK) Exam. Over the past year, Jeff and CPRS Vancouver Mentorship Subcommittee have been working towards redesigning the mentorship program so it will be mutually rewarding for both mentees and mentors alike. In the past, the program was only open to student members, but the program will soon be designed so any CPRS member at any level can apply for a mentorship opportunity. 

Those interested in participating in the mentorship program will find the link to the application form later this month on the CPRS website.

In the meantime, Jeff can be contacted directly at [email protected]. You can also follow him on Twitter @jeffmeerman.