Message from the President

An Exciting Year Ahead, with Kurt Heinrich

There’s lots to be excited about this fall.

Dear CPRS Vancouver Members,


It is a great time to be part of our society. This year CPRS Vancouver will be rolling out a variety of great new professional development events aimed at helping you sharpen your PR skills and enhancing your abilities as a practitioner. As always, we’re open to new ideas and topic suggestions so if there’s something you’re dying to see on the event roster, feel free to email us. You can stay up-to-date on everything coming up by keeping an eye on our website where we’ve got a running list of all our local and national events.


In addition to some great breakfast and speaker series events, we’re also going to be developing a number of exciting networking events where you’ll be able to connect with a multitude of others PR practitioners all for a significantly reduced price. One of the things we’ve heard from members is a wish for more low-cost mingling opportunities. Watch for at least one such special event this fall.


Finally, we’ve recently launched a new website/administrative system. This has come after a load of hard work from CPRS volunteers and our support staff. From a member perspective you’ll benefit from a more integrated platform and a smoother user experience. While the website won’t likely look too different, we hope you’ll notice a more streamlined approach and better customized member communication.


There’s lots to be excited about this fall. I look forward to connecting/reconnecting with many of you in the coming months.




Kurt Heinrich


CPRS Vancouver

About the Author

Kurt Heinrich is the director of university communications at SFU. Prior to this role, he managed the Vancouver School Board’s internal and external communications and marketing. He is president of the Canadian Public Relations Society - Vancouver chapter and vice president of the Vancouver Street Soccer League. He sits on the board of REACH Community Health Clinic.