PR Profile: Nevasha Naidoo of Platinum Public Relations

Nevasha Naidoo (1)Name: Nevasha Naidoo

Job title: Director, Platinum Public Relations

What’s your background? What made you decided to get into PR?

I have been in PR for 17 years. It began as a passion that I pursued by connecting with people through public speaking and coordinating events. My leadership skills and modeling background provided a springboard for my career development. I was also fortunate to have powerful mentors on this journey, for which I am very grateful.

What were you working on/where did you work in South Africa?

In 2003, I established Platinum Public Relations. I founded the company on the pillars of knowledge, leadership, reputation, and credibility. Today, the business is a leading PR Agency in South Africa and we offer the full gamut of services such as public relations, marketing, strategic event management, and corporate reputation and image building.

What made you want to move to North America?

At the age of 16, I was tasked with a school project to research a country that I’d like to visit and to deliver a presentation about it. Through my research I learned so much about Vancouver and ended up falling in love with the place. Although I have family in Alberta and Seattle I always visualized one day settling in Vancouver. 

What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed so far from PR in South Africa and Canada?

The major difference is cultural. We communicate and package information differently for audiences in the US/Canada compared to South Africa.  A strategy that may have worked here would not work exactly the same in the SA market.

Why did you join CPRS? What are the benefits you’ve seen so far?

When I relocated to Canada I knew that I wanted to become a part of the PR community and CPRS membership would be the fastest way to achieve that. In addition, membership also ensures we stay abreast of the PR market trends, international best practices, and standards.

What’s your favourite PR campaign that you’ve worked on?

The McDonald’s Millennium Dreamers competition – McDonald’s first ever global children’s event – in which I played a pivotal role in SA. Followed by the 2010 Soccer World Cup campaigns; then the hard core PR campaign which was the Estate Agency Affairs Board – Platinum Public Relations won a PRISM Gold Award for best Corporate campaign.

What’s the best PR advice you’ve been given?

“Just keep swimming”.  When days were not so great, one of my business mentors would make me smile by using these words to help me stay focused and keep charging ahead. It worked!

Favourite social media platform?

From a business and professional perspective I prefer LinkedIn and Twitter. 

First impressions of Vancouver?

Vancouver is exactly how I pictured it would be; beautiful. One thing that’s very notable is the friendly people and their willingness to help, which never ceases to amaze me.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am a mom-entrepreneur; I love my career but try to create a healthy balance between my career and family life. Cooking is what I do in my time – free or not – I find inspiration in preparing meals for my family and friends.