Resource Works: Creating a Values-Based Dialogue with BC

StewartmuirAccording to upcoming CPRS Speaker's Series speaker Stewart Muir, the local resource industry has evolved to make B.C. a cutting-edge leader on the world stage.

Muir is the founding executive director of the non-profit think tank Resource Works, which works to communicate the natural resource sector to the BC public. He points to the high-tech, green resource economy as just one of the unique, pioneering examples of the resources industry in the province. He says our efforts here are helping other countries to improve the resource industry on a global level.

Muir will be joining CPRS next Tuesday, May 12 to discuss the challenges and successes of his new role with Resource Works as part of the CPRS May Speaker Series at the Metropolitan Hotel in Vancouver. He is hoping the talk will provide some insight into his position with Resource Works and explain their communication and public outreach strategies as they move forward.

The resource industry continues to play an important role in BC, says Muir. He thinks that as renewable energy's mix in global power supply increases, exports of copper, metallurgical coal and forestry can provide materials to aid in the construction of solar plants, wind farms and wood-frame green-buildings in both BC and abroad.

Muir says a key aspect to his job with Resource Works is to create values-based dialogue with BC residents. He says the most important issue is how the environment and the economy concerns the average person and that is where we have this great disconnect today. Muir says that is where the most work is needed.

Muir's career began in journalism, eventually working as deputy managing editor at The Vancouver Sun. His most recent work was as a director at The Nature Trust of British Columbia from 2006 until 2014. He recently co-authored The Sea Among Us: The Amazing Strait of Georgia and has been a prominent voice on resource issues in the media.

To hear more from Muir, join us at the May Speaker Series on May 12th.
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