Using Past Ideas To Strengthen Media Campaigns

Coca-Cola Updates Iconic Blue Jays Jingle



By harnessing the power of successful campaigns past, Coca-Cola has tapped into the fond memories of Canadian sports fans, to tremendous results. The Toronto Blue Jays are contenders in the World Series playoffs for the first time in 22 years, much to the delight of fans and sponsors alike. To honour this success, long time sponsor Coca-Cola has resurrected its iconic Blue Jays Song, revamping it for the modern age with new lyrics, graphics, and a healthy dose of nostalgia.

“Thanks to the fans, the 1993 spot became an unofficial anthem for the Toronto Blue Jays and we hope we can once again create a little magic and cheer our team through to another title!” said Michael Samoszewski, Vice-President of Sparkling Business Unit, Coca-Cola Ltd. in a media release. “We wanted to create something fresh and new but not lose the nostalgic feel for those who remember and love the original.”

The new spot features the same retro mixed-media theme of the original, but with an updated song and the hashtag #cometogether to reflect Coca-Cola’s current “Open Happiness” campaign.  And, according to fan response on social media, the campaign has received an overwhelmingly positive response.  

Still remember that congratulatory ‘Always Coca-Cola’ ad that played right after the Jays won the World Series in 1992!” said one fan on the brand’s Facebook page.  

Other users posted photos of their own vintage Blue Jays merchandise, alongside decades-old cans of limited-edition Blue Jays Coke cans.

Indeed, reviving the campaign for a new generation allows for Coca-Cola to reach both long-time Blue Jays fans that remember the original jingle, as well as younger fans, through platforms like YouTube and social media websites. Using the momentum of the popular campaign, Coca-Cola has helped to entwine its brand with that of the Blue Jays, proving that past ideas always have the potential to strengthen and enhance current media campaigns.

Watch the video to hear the refreshed jingle.