Wise Reveals the Secrets of Personal Branding Success

Wise RecapOn Tuesday, April 28th, director Joanne Probyn of CPRS Vancouver hosted an event featuring talent agent and personal branding coach Pamela Wise at the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver. Personal branding supports success at any career stage. For those entering the workforce or advancing their careers it can help differentiate while giving a sense of values and interests. For the executive leader, a clear, authentic personal brand can help an organization attract the right people, build trust and create opportunities.

Wise’s unique approach to personal branding was based deep intuition–a gut feeling. Our instincts help us understand how we see others–and how others see us. Wise illustrates her point using a Tinder (a Google app often used for dating) analogy. “Our first impression should convey a visual storyboard revealing that we are the hero with X, Y and Z superpowers. This entices people want to learn more. Swipe right. Swipe left,” says Wise.Wise says personal branding is how you are understood by other people. Personal branding is not about changing–it’s about highlighting and minimizing existing aspects of ourselves to create the ideal message. “Turn your brand on its axis via juxtaposition and intrigue,” says Wise.

Wise demonstrated her intuitive reflex offering spontaneous brand reads for all CPRS guests. She invited everyone to stand up according to four age groups. With over twenty years experience, Wise knows advertisers and marketers need to know how to speak to audiences. The trend is moving away from sharing trusted expert opinions to sharing the voice of regular, likeable folks. Today’s consumers don’t want to be told what to do; today’s consumers want to feel connected to like minds.

First impressions of audience members–also known as brand reads–revealed demographics and archetypes such as millennial race car driver, successful career mom, guy to bring home to parents, girl-on-the-go, college best friend and future CEO. Pop culture references were used including Clair from House of Cards, representing a determined, powerful woman, and Kalinda from The Good Wife representing mystery and intrigue.

What are your top four brand traits? Wise said some people wore the honor of trust; they have a best friend energy. This is perfect in business as we trust our best friends the most. This trustworthy energy was so strong in some people that Wise projected that, given her hunch, and in the right circumstance, she could be comfortable asking these people to housesit or watch her children. Honors ranged from athleticism to earthy, warm energy. What honor do you wear?

And who do you want to connect with? Your tribe is a group of like minded people who understand you and who you understand. Wise recommends having different messaging strategies for each social channel to best reach your tribe. Facebook moments are different from Instagram and Twitter.  For example, Instagram is ideal for intimate life moments. To Wise, Instagram success is when her top 5 friends liked what she posted. She isn’t seeking everyone’s approval.

Building Brand You was an insightful, engaging, immersive event that demonstrated Wise’s well-recognized knowledge in personal branding and advertising. Special thanks to volunteers including Samantha Dutton-Jones, Emily Marrioquin and Irene Lo.

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