SFU student wins CPRS Vancouver Student Scholarship

Ingrid Cheung 2

 2016 CRPS Scholarship recipient, Ingrid Cheung

The 2016 CPRS Vancouver Student Scholarship recipient, Ingrid Cheung, ran a social media campaign for the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) during their participation in the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Each year, CPRS Vancouver chooses one talented student enrolled in a public relations or communications program in the lower mainland, to reward with the CPRS Vancouver Student Scholarship. The winner is a student who exemplifies excellence in a PR project executed for a real-world client.

Having run the campaign, Ingrid experienced the challenge of gaining media hits and staying competitive for her client’s social media presence in a global event participated by international leaders and celebrities. Without a doubt, the project can be a challenge to any public relations professional. The time difference she needed to attend to for this particular project made it especially difficult to maintain her normal work-life balance.

“I was so anxious to do well that I frequently found myself waking up at odd hours and crawling over my phone to check for new e-mails from my contact, news alerts and social media streams.”

Nevertheless, Ingrid demonstrates perseverance and a commitment to succeed. In the end, her passion for PR made everything worthwhile.

“I felt incredibly fulfilled participating in this work, and it’s incredible to be getting this recognition for something I enjoyed doing so much.”

Moving forward, Ingrid plans on furthering her career in PR, taking the Public Relations Knowledge (PRK) exam in September. As a contractor, she misses working in a team-driven environment and is looking to transition possibly into a full-time agency or in-house opportunity. Currently, she is most interested in issues management and public outreach and engagement. But as an eager young professional always looking to further her expertise, she’s keeping an open mind and a positive outlook for future learning opportunities.

“There’s so much in the field that I want to do everything!”

Congratulations, Ingrid!  

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