Torchia Scholarship rewards multilingual students

The Torchia Scholarship in Public Relations/Communications, inspired by the career of Armand Torchia, cofounder of The Houston Group and Torchia Communications, is awarded annually to an exemplary bilingual Canadian student in the communications or public relations sector.  The scholarship, valued at $1,500, will be awarded to a student entering his or her second year at a Canadian university who has chosen to study public relations or communications in one of Canada’s two official languages that is not his or her first language.  

Laura Saicane, the 2014 winner of the Torchia Scholarship, studied Communications Science at the University of Latvia before continuing her studies in Calgary.  For Saicane, the perspective and cross cultural knowledge her education has given her was one of the things that helped her stand out when applying for the scholarship.  “I believe the judges were looking for an overall understanding of public relations and communications, its theoretical elements, values and principles, as well as a commitment to ethical public relations practices.”

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Laura Saicane, recipient of the 2014 Torchia Scholarship in Public Relations/Communications.

Saicane also notes that the Torchia Scholarship has the potential to change the life and professional future of the recipient.  “Prior to receiving the award I didn't have any real public relations or communications experience. Going to job interviews was always challenging because all I had was the knowledge and skills I had learned in classes,” she says.  “Winning the scholarship reassured me of my abilities and understanding of the communications discipline.  I gained confidence in myself and I was able to talk about this accomplishment in job interviews.   This confidence helped to land me my first job as the communications and marketing assistant at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame,” she added.

In addition to providing recipients with an opportunity to continue their education, the scholarship is also a valuable tool in influencing the future of their careers.  For Saicane, this includes finishing her degree at Mount Royal University and, like many previous winners of the Torchia Scholarship, transitioning into a promising career in the communications industry.

A jury chair and three bilingual public relations professionals and/or educators will review submissions and determine a successful candidate.  The jury may require a telephone interview in either English or French.

The Torchia Scholarship is managed and promoted by the Communications + Public Relations Foundation. Those interested in applying should send their applications to the Communications + Public Relations Foundation, Suite 1515, 73 Widdicombe Hill Blvd, Toronto, Ontario, M9R 4B3.

Download an application form here.